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Update on Olbermann and HuffPuff — What did he say?

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Posted by WLS:

Here is my post earlier today on Olbermann with HuffPuff last night prior to the Dem. Debate.  Part of their segment was about supposed comments by Giuliani to the effect that Clinton and Edwards would invite OBL to the WH. 

In the passage I first copied from  the Countdown transcript, I changed one word because I thought there was a transcription error based on what Olbermann and HuffPuff said afterwards.  The transcript of Giuliani’s Video Clip had “Assad” which I changed to “[Osama].”  Since the whole point of Olbermann and HuffPuff’s exchange was to suggest that Giuliani had been serious in suggesting the Dems would invite OBL to the WH, I assumed the video of Giuliani was clear and the transcript was wrong.

Olbermann made a big point of pondering whether Giuliani was engaged in “hyperbole” or “lying” in making this statement, and HuffPuff came right back and said of course he was “lying.” 

 But, the American Spectator blog has the video up, showing that Giuliani did, in fact, say “Assad”, and not “Osama.” 

The video is here — and there is no doubt Giuliani said “Assad”.  

Now, consider those FACTS while contemplating the entire exchange between  Olbermann and HuffPuff — accusing Giuliani of LYING when if fact they were LYING about what Giuliani had said.  They had the video — they showed it. 

Bottom Line — Giuliani said Clinton and Edwards would invite Almadinejad and Assad to the WH.  They are the ones who have mentioned the need for diplomacy and meeting with our adversaries on that part of the world to work out our differences. 

But, contrary to the entire import of the Olbermann-HuffPuff exchange, Giuliani said nothing about OBL.  

Now that is what rational people call LYING.

The American Spectator Blog is all over this here.  

 UPDATE on 11/1:  Apparently this whole matter began with an incorrect quotation of Giuliani’s comments by an AP reporter.   Today the AP has issued a correction stating that Giuliani’s comment was that “Assad” might be invited to the WH, not “Osama.”  

No correction was made last night on Countdown.

Given that Herr Olbermann started his harangue with the claim that Giuliani said Clinton and Edwards would invite  Osama Bin Laden to the WH  — “OLBERMANN:  A year before the election and Rudy Giuliani is already publicly contending the Democrats are willing to invite Osama bin Laden to the White House to negotiate.  Sure they are, buster” — it is clear that the Countdown producer who spotted this story used the AP as his/her source.

What is truly shoddy is that Olbermann played the actual video of Giuliani’s statement in which he clearly says “Assad” and not “Osama”, meaning that rather than simply relying on the AP’s reporting, they searched out the video for use on the broadcase.   Either no one cared to listen closely to the audio when they reviewed it, or they were simply intent on LYING about Giuliani.  

So, either Olbermann LIED about Giuliani lying, or Olbermann LIED about Giuliani’s comment.

Either way, Olbermann is the person for whom truth is a challenging concept.

8 Responses to “Update on Olbermann and HuffPuff — What did he say?”

  1. Olberman was a sorry excuse for a sportscaster, but following the Peter Principle he failed upward to a position as commenter/newscaster. He found his shtick in a sort of demented nightly rant that is virtually unwatchable. Indeed, if you look at the viewing figures on his show, he is virtually unwatched.

    That said, Olberman never let the facts or the truth get in the way of an opportunity for a spittle spraying rant. Why start now? If you listen to or watch Olberman, you know what you’re going to get. So I don’t watch the pathetic twit.

    Mike Myers (d015a6)

  2. I don’t watch TV. Have not watched at home for 8 years. Go to bars to see sports.

    TCO (3b23ad)

  3. It’s nice that the msm and msnbc are unbiased news sources, only delivering the facts.

    SiliconDoc (da9276)

  4. Lying or incompetence, with Olbermann it is always a mystery.

    SPQR (6c18fd)

  5. They are The Deciders.

    Techie (c003f1)

  6. It seems that the original error here was made by the AP when it first reported on Giuliani’s comments, and quoting him as saying Defendants would invite “Osama” to the WH. I presume this is where the Olbermann producer picked up the story given that Olbermann referred to Giuliani as having said the Dems would invite Osama to the WH. They certainly didn’t watch the video themselves — or they didn’t pay close attention when doing so.

    AP has now issued a correction of its misquote. I don’t see the the transcript for Olbermann’s show from last night up yet, so I don’t know if he did so as well. We shall see.

    Somehow I doubt it.

    wls (fb8809)

  7. Can’t seem to load video but will take on faith that Rudy said Assad. He also said this of AhmaD and Assad:

    “Hillary and Obama are kind of debating whether to invite them to the inauguration or the inaugural ball,” he added.

    1) Olbermann should correct himself abjectly asap and not lay of the boo-boo on the AP since it’s his job to check. Huff too.

    2) This does not mean that the second part of Rudy’s statement (above) is in any way statesmanlike — it’s cheap and shabby, like Rudy himself.

    3) Wanting ultimately to negotiate with these potentates does not = inviting them to the White House. It means 3d-party talks in neutral countries. To say it is akin to a state dinner is pure smarm a la Rudy. A few past examples: Reagan sent his boys Ollie and Poindy to meet the Iranians with a sac of coin and cake shaped like a key. Nixon went to Damascus to see Assad the Elder in ’74.

    4) If Olbermann doesn’t retract and apologize he’s a weasel.

    eyeball (bc3377)

  8. Olbermann is a lying crapweasel.

    JD (49efd3)

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