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Hey Barack — about that fight you mentioned last night? You should have stuck around for the end of the movie.

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Posted by WLS:

Rocky loses.

H/T TheNote

For those of you that missed it:

Barack Obama: Well, first of all, I think some of this stuff gets over- hyped. In fact, I think this has been the most hyped fight since Rocky fought Apollo Creed, although the amazing thing is, I’m Rocky in this situation.

10 Responses to “Hey Barack — about that fight you mentioned last night? You should have stuck around for the end of the movie.”

  1. In the first movie, yes, but Rocky beats Apollo in the sequel.

    Nels Nelson (680124)

  2. It sounds like Hillary had some trouble last night, too.

    DRJ (5c60fb)

  3. Nels — so, does that mean that Obama really wants to be President in 2012 or 2016?

    WLS (bafbcb)

  4. I wonder if Obama tries to half-way or half-heartedly confront Hillary because he wants to be considered for her VP and, someday, President.

    DRJ (5c60fb)

  5. DRJ – I think there might be something to the idea that he doesn’t want to needlessly antagonize the Clinton machine given his age and the fact that he can be a viable Dem. candidate for Pres for another 4-5 election cycles. I really don’t think she is interested in him being her VP — he’s got too much wattage for her. Richardson is the perfect “go sit in your office, we’ll call you if we need you” kind of guy.

    But, a second take on Obama is maybe there just isn’t much there below the surface. The guy has yet to make a memorable speech, and he’s got no earth-shaking policy views. While he gave a great speech in 2004, he’s yet to excite the electorate.

    The reality is he’s a partial term Senator from an overwhelmingly Dem. state, who has lost the only contested election he ever ran in. Every election he has won has been a walk-over.

    He’s NRPT — Not Ready for Prime Time.

    WLS (bafbcb)

  6. That may be true from our standpoint but she’s going to need someone who can keep the extreme left on board. The more she goes to the middle, the more the “peace now” crowd loses faith.

    DRJ (5c60fb)

  7. Obama is the “Seuter” candidate???

    EdWood (1fb98c)

  8. DRJ,
    I remember reading some of the write ups when Obama was first considering a run. The pundits said it was a win win for him. If he pulled off the miracle of 08 great, if not he is well positioned for 2012 if Hillary loses to the GOP.

    Probably good strategy on his part but I think he may be regretting that decision now as some of his inexperience has been exposed.

    voiceofreason (52dd66)

  9. Which one is Ivan Drago?


    Techie (c003f1)

  10. Which one is Ivan Drago?
    That would be Bill.
    Hillary! would be Ludmilla Drago.

    Veeshir (dfa2bf)

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