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Second Circuit’s Failed Redaction: A Big Story That Appears Ready to Break

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Remember that story about the Second Circuit’s attempts to redact material embarrassing to the FBI? In a previous post, I cited to the few blogs that had discussed the matter and said:

Am I the only person surprised that this hasn’t gotten much, much wider attention than that?

It looks like it’s about to. The Columbia Journalism Review reports:

The full story seems primed to break—Bashman says that that he spoke with a Washington Post reporter about the story on Wednesday afternoon.

Keep your eyes peeled. I’ll let you know when I see anything.

It takes Big Media a few days to catch up to the blogs.

P.S. CJR says:

[W]e’re five days out, and no one’s really explained what happened.

“No one”? You mean no one in Big Media.

The New York Times’ and the AP’s initial pieces, both published on Saturday, barely mention the interrogator’s threats—the part that Bashman says “many people feel is the most relevant.” And in those write-ups, where’s any mention about the mistaken release, the redaction, or the clumsy—and legally groundless—attempt to suppress information that should be an embarrassment to the FBI?


True dat. Those details, however, have been clearly explained by posts like my previous post.

3 Responses to “Second Circuit’s Failed Redaction: A Big Story That Appears Ready to Break”

  1. Patterico, you were right on this story, too. You hit the Daily Double today.

    DRJ (970b3a)

  2. I watched Gen. Hayden on the Charlie Rose show
    He said that “mid double figures” of people have been renditioned since 9-11… less than under Clinton.
    Less than 50 have undergone coercive interrogation in the same timeframe, and none of them have gone through anything our own troops (like Navy SEALs) do not go through in training.

    That said, using those methods we need to get it right 99.999999% of the time

    SteveG (4e16fc)

  3. Your liberal media

    blah (74fc41)

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