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Matt Welch Book Bash, or, Patterico Meets David Ehrenstein

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I had an excellent time at Matt Welch’s bash for his new John McCain book. I got to meet some folks I’d not met before, like Eugene Volokh, David Ehrenstein, and Luke Thompson, as well as see several old acquaintances. The margaritas were strong, as advertised, and the company was excellent. Congratulations to Matt, and here’s hoping his book is a success.

3 Responses to “Matt Welch Book Bash, or, Patterico Meets David Ehrenstein”

  1. Really great to meet you too sir. Lively discussions abounded concerning all manner of subjects. Eugene was quite interesting regarding “privacy” and celebrities who might seek to claim it, and I was delighted to see that you and I are on the same page re the Phil Spector case.

    David Ehrenstein (b743cb)

  2. Sorry we couldn’t bring Mario G. along to debate “CERTAIN” things. And so far no ill-effects from eating that ball of paper.

    Interesting to see David E. get along so well with all manner of online adversaries.

    LYT (66c97d)

  3. Yes, we should clarify. One of Tim Cavanaugh’s adorable daughters brought me a small wadded up piece of napkin, and asked me to eat it. Not wanting to do so, but not wanting to disappoint the child, I suggested that she ask Luke Y. Thompson to eat it instead. Which he proceeded to do.

    Glad to hear it didn’t kill him.

    Patterico (bad89b)

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