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Flaming Squirrel Stories

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[Guest post by DRJ]

The Instapundit links to this post on a squirrel that ate through a power line, dropped into the engine of a 2006 Toyota Camry, and destroyed the car. The author notes that he hasn’t heard many flaming squirrel stories and wonders how common it is.

I’ll add fuel to this fire. About 6 months ago, the last time our power went out for any substantial period of time, it was due to a squirrel who died a fiery death in the transformer. His actions were perfectly timed to ruin a good internet session and jeopardize a hefty grocery buy that required refrigeration.

Coincidence? I think not.

[PS – If you are interested, note the parenthetical headline and the picture of the substitute squirrel at the “6 months” link.]

[PPS – Thanks for the Instapundit link! And welcome Instapundit readers. Please look around.]


12 Responses to “Flaming Squirrel Stories”

  1. Best flaming squirrel story ever?

    Squirrel Cop. Definitely Squirrel Cop.

    This American Life
    (click on “Full Episode” on the side bar … story starts at about 19:30)

    Itsme (871b28)

  2. Now, how could that flaming squirrel slip into the engine compartment? I think she torched her own car and set up the squirrel to cover her tracks. She does live in New Jersey, you know.

    dave (588505)

  3. Best flaming squirrel story ever?

    Squirrel Cop.

    That story is hilarious! Thanks for linking it.

    Paul (d71395)

  4. I laugh every time.

    Itsme (871b28)

  5. Early last spring we had two (2) squirrels suicide on the transformer outside our home. After the first fried and died cutting power to uor home (we’re at the end of the line) the crew that came out told us if it happens too frequently, they’d replace the transformer with a squirrel-prof newer model.

    A week or so later there was a sizzle, a click and all things went black as squirrel #2 plummeted to the ground.

    We had a new transformer two days later.

    joated (c36902)

  6. I’ve been savagely attacked by al Aqsa Brigade suicide squirrels twice. One executed a successful attack on the electical box servicing my house.

    But the really fiendish attack was a team effort during November. I discovered one of the felonious pair drowned in the guest toilet bowl, having failed in his mission. I spent the day at work puzzling over how he could have gotten in the house, then in the bowl, then pulled the lid down before drowning. I found out when I got home and discovered his buddy had made it all the way to the outlet pipe to the septic tank. His body plugged up the pipe, causing my (here-to-fore unknown to me) slowly leaking guest toilet to overflow instead of draining down the pipe. Cost me $500 to get the carpets dried out and cleaned.


    (In case you were wondering — November. Nights get cool. Squirrels look for warm places. Like the plumbing vent tubes that poke through the roof. The little ruffians entered the vent, then traveled or fell down the tubes, then scurried around — one surfaced in the toilet, the other found is way down the waste pipe until he drowned. Guy who pumped my septic tank (before we figured out the outlet pipe was plugged) said he sees several cases like it every fall. I put anti-terrorist squirrel mesh over the vent tubes).

    Eric (99dce1)

  7. Flaming Squirrel? Is that the new Tim Rutten?

    Mike Myers (d015a6)

  8. dave, flaming squirrel goes berserk, drops to ground, looks for first likely hidey-hole, which happens to be engine compartment of Camry, runs *up* into Camry, set car ablaze. Pretty simple, really.

    JorgXMcKie (4068d7)

  9. The Rodent Liberation Front strikes again!

    Steffan (eb2367)

  10. A couple of months ago a pair of blackbirds shorted out a power line and set some landscaping on fire. Knocked a local tv station off the air.

    Alan Kellogg (89f500)

  11. The Blue Crab Boulevard has praised you for finally catching up with them on realizing the existence of the Animal Uprising.

    Bleepless (8e05dd)

  12. Where i live the WESTERN KINGBIRDS nest right up on those transformers on the utility poles i mean their daring birds

    krazy kagu (a6e311)

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