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O. J. Simpson co-defendant Pleads Guilty (Updated)

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[Guest post by DRJ]

A co-defendant in the O.J. Simpson criminal case pending in Las Vegas who will plead guilty Monday has admitted guns were involved:

“Accused of being one of five men who joined O.J. Simpson in a hotel-room confrontation with two sports memorabilia dealers, Charles Cashmore will plead guilty to a reduced charge and testify that guns were involved in the theft of sports collectibles.

Cashmore will testify that two of the other men who entered the room with the former football star were armed, his lawyer, Edward Miley, said Friday. Miley said Cashmore will plead guilty to being an accessory to robbery, a felony that could get him up to five years in prison.”

The dominoes may be starting to fall.

UPDATE 10/15/2007: Another co-defendant has decided to plead guilty.


9 Responses to “O. J. Simpson co-defendant Pleads Guilty (Updated)”

  1. I saw that. And it warmed the cockles of my black heart.

    Update: full disclosure — no racial message intended by the use of the word “black”, but I won’t adjust my language out of silly sensitivity either

    May may the murderer… go down for armed robbery. Hoo-yah!

    Christoph (92b8f7)

  2. If the pistol grip doesn’t fit,
    you must acquit.

    Perfect Sense (b6ec8c)

  3. *grin* I was playing World of Warcraft shortly after this happened, and someone mentioned that OJ wasn’t going to get away with it– someone else piped up something about it having happened so long ago, he totally got away with it….. took roughly ten minutes to get everyone there to believe that OJ was actually *stupid* enough to do this again.

    So please take note: a game full of “geeks” and other odd folks has more brains than the famous football player…..

    (Seriously, WTF? Did he think he’d get away with this, too?

    Foxfier (f765f6)

  4. Since junior-high school, OJ – as an accomplished athlete, and thusly, a favored member of the community – has gotten away with it!

    Eventually, as in everything, the bill has to be paid.

    Another Drew (8018ee)

  5. The dominoes may be starting to fall.

    Several years too late, but better late than never.

    Werner Patels (THE SPADE) (c40c3a)

  6. I have to ask, has anybody considered the posibility that O. J. Simpson is simply too stupid to kill anybody?

    And, please, nothing about acting. Nobody is that good an actor.

    Alan Kellogg (1d209e)

  7. Hopefully this will finally put the [***] in prison where the [***] belongs.

    [*** Edited by DRJ for inappropriate language.]

    mark (7116e0)

  8. #7

    Mark, you might as well give up. It will be decades before we have the medical technology that will allow you to have another man’s baby.

    Alan Kellogg (602a3b)

  9. I’m no fan of O.J. and I have no doubt that he killed his ex-wife and her friend in 1994, but I can smell a stinker a nose mile away. Two wrongs do not a right make. This is an attempt to correct the 1994 verdict on the basis of outlandish charges, involving people of dubious pedigrees who are actually partners in the subteranean business of selling O.J.’s sports memorabilia. These are crooks at odds with each other, and going at each other, following a gone awry attempt to con each other. Normally this would have ended with an “offsetting penalty ” charge, as we say in Football lore. But this is O.J. – A misfit for the ages. Prosecutors around the country salivate profusely, if not incontrollably, at the possibility of charging this guy with anything that loosely resonate as a crime, including kidnapping for telling someone not to leave a room they have no intentions of leaving. What an over- reach ! Remember the incrediblly unsustainable charges against Michael Jackson, and the Duke Lacrosse team ? Prosecutors who over-reach fall flat on their faces ! This will be such an outcome.

    Bantou (ee943c)

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