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How I Spent My Summer Vacation, Part 13

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[Language warning]

This sign was seen in a McDonald’s near the Italian-Austrian border. I translate this as follows: “I have not been there yet. Does that not make me a dick?”

UPDATE: Don’t forget to click the link!

9 Responses to “How I Spent My Summer Vacation, Part 13”

  1. FWIW ‘dick’ is geerman for ‘fat’ (english cognate: thick)

    Francis (d01bcb)

  2. You German skills leave much to be desired. “Dick” in German means fat or thick, and in this context would suggest McD’s is arguing against the notion that their food is the cause of his less than athletic build.

    Bryan Walter (a12079)

  3. “less than athletic build”? He looks like could carry the cows to their barn, one under each arm.

    nk (7d4710)

  4. My German skills do indeed leave much to be desired, but I have a link that nobody seems to be clicking . . .

    Patterico (6c237d)

  5. We don’t even need to click it, Patterico. Just point to it and read the URL at the bottom of the screen.

    nk (7d4710)

  6. As for the picture, he matches the Swiss landscapes you posted previously.

    nk (7d4710)

  7. Here is the literal translation from Babelfish:

    “there was not I ever. Doesn’t that make thick?”

    headhunt23 (9e1243)

  8. LOL
    Pretty good. Now I know to make sure to read the entire post! Kind of like those “tests” we would get in school where the instructions said don’t answer until you read the entire test. Kids would be flapping their arms, making faces and weird noises while only about 3 or 4 people sat and smiled.

    Voice of Reason (10af7e)

  9. If You Can Then You Can

    Hua Hin (b18b57)

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