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The 24/7 Criminal Alien Program

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Patterico’s Deport the Criminals First series focuses on detaining illegal immigrants who have been arrested for serious crimes and deporting convicted criminal aliens after they have served their sentences. The existence of Sanctuary Cities frustrates this goal because law enforcement in those cities are prohibited from identifying illegal aliens or notifying ICE of their arrest and status.

Other cities have implemented programs aimed at identifying criminal aliens and turning them over to federal authorities for identification and, if appropriate, deportation.

One such city – Irving, Texas, a suburb of Dallas – has instituted the 24/7 Criminal Alien Program:

“From June 2006 to Sept. 18, 2007, some 1,600 people arrested by Irving police have been handed over to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Irving police said.

That figure has increased over time as part of Irving’s 24/7 Criminal Alien Program, in which the immigration status of those arrested by police is checked. Those who can’t prove they are in the country legally are transferred to the custody of ICE, Irving officials [said].”

The 24/7 Criminal Alien program is described as a nationwide program that allows jails to identify suspected illegal immigrants and refer them to federal authorities. Fox News reports that under this program, Irving has deported 1% of its population in the past year.

The Mexican Consul-General of Dallas and other advocates object to Irving’s policy as racial profiling, a claim the Irving Mayor denies. A crowd of two thousand protested in Irving Wednesday against the police program and deportations.

I think we’ll see more of this type of program implemented in communities across the nation.


16 Responses to “The 24/7 Criminal Alien Program”

  1. “object to Irving’s policy as racial profiling”

    One hundred percent examination -> racial profiling.

    We need to add logical thinking as a completely separate class in a K-8 education somewhere.

    Al (b624ac)

  2. They think clearly enough, Al, its a propaganda point to call people who oppose illegal immigration racists.

    SPQR (6c18fd)

  3. As long as they are really checking only the status of ALL people they arrest this shouldn’t be a big deal.
    One more reason we need a national ID card.

    Voice of Reason (10af7e)

  4. Any city in this country that offers shelter to illegal aleins should lose its goverment support and start with SAN FRANCISCO

    krazy kagu (5b69ac)

  5. I’m asking the cities and police departments from which I live and work in California do they use this program and if not why not? Should be interesting if I get an answer.

    Tregg Wright (9ae56a)

  6. Good idea, Tregg Wright. I’m going to ask mine, too.

    DRJ (ec59b5)

  7. The Mexican Counsel-General in Dallas should be declared Persona Non Grata.
    If enough of them were kicked out of the country for spewing this BS, perhaps we could begin to have a productive and meaningful relationship with the Government of Mexico.

    Another Drew (8018ee)

  8. The 24/7 Criminal Alien Program is a great ideal for the cities everywhere to start doing. We have to many illegal immigrants in this the DFW area and it has totally gotten out of control. I will be contacting the Dallas and Collin County City halls to enforce this new law. If you’re illegal you don’t belong here that’s just the plain facts. Our country has gotten to the point that we are just an open door to any race that is out there and the government wonders why we have terrorists???

    Sam Watson (565c60)

  9. One hundred percent examination -> racial profiling.

    The stupid…it hurts. The problem isn’t with the fact that the question is asked, but that hispanics are being stopped pretextually or for offense that whites or blacks wouldn’t be.

    I’m as far right on this topic as anyone here, but you’re reasoning is all wrong.

    jpe (bd88bc)

  10. As a former Irving resident, I am delighted to see the city actively working to eliminate the scourge of illegal aliens.

    In fact, I am going to check with the police department where I live now, and see if I can’t get them to implement it here. It’s needed badly.

    Since the federal government in general, and our president in particular, doesn’t seem to be too interested in solving this problem, it is up to towns, cities, states, and the American people to do it for them.

    More than 9,100 Americans die, every years, at the hands of illegal aliens, most through criminal acts.
    It’s time to end the carnage.

    Robert (1248bd)

  11. Robert,

    9100. Where do you get that fact from?

    Voice of Reason (10af7e)

  12. Al is confused… illegal alien is not a race – Hispanic is not even a race. Please explain how this is racial profiling – arresting criminals trespassing in the US is not profiling, it’s just taking out the trash.

    dbeck (76c029)

  13. if they don’t have documentation from mexico or china they don’t belong here. i am hispanic and it is out of hand. we need everyone to be documented i was born here and am required to have a valid drivers license and insurance why is everyone no treated the same. how the hell is that profiling?

    conrad (694f99)

  14. Robert, with so many situations in this world that create true “carnage” I don’t see how you can apply such a heavy-handed term to illegal immigration crime. The way to deal with illegal immigrants (not aliens!) is not to suspect every Hispanic resident until proven innocent. Help them learn English, get an education and become citizens. They came to this country to have opportunities, just like everyone else.

    Lisa (094367)

  15. All seems well to hear that police are fighting crime until you hear the truth about the police in Irving, Texas. I have lived here for almost 50 years and have seen police pick up and deliver drugs and patrol for the drug gang on Catalina Way. they use ambulances and fire trucks to pick up and deliver equipment and materials, and they have a covert operative named Juan Sanchez (he proudly announced who he was on the radio in Christine’s house) who sprays witnesses with toxic chemicals while they are sleeping which caused one lady, Christine Dinger to go blind. It also causes bronchial problems and severe eye inflammation. He also sprayed her with fiberglass particles. Then Juan and others gangstalk the victim 24 hrs a day until they are sleep deprived, exhausted, and they have to abandon their homes and their property. Gangstalking is a familiar tactic of the irving police and fire department to control witnesses of the nightly gang activity. If you would like to see it all happen, sit on Catalina Way and watch 2517. It is a drive-thru drug depot from one end of the street to the other and it is run and supported by the IPD. There are other open lighted garages oopen for business on Spanish, Willow and Oakdale.

    When the gangstalking begins they spray you with chemicals and if you survive, they take over your house, come in while you are sleeping (naked! in bed) and get in your personal belongings and steal your IDs, cards, and keys, then they steal everything they want, break your cameras and lights, stay on your roof at night walking back and forth and shooting you with tazers and microwave emitters. Then they set up a microwave barrage like the one illustrated at on the bildergalerie page. They use a converted satellite dish and an antenna (2509 Catalina Way), an High Frequency Radio Source and another antenna mounted in a vehicle.

    All these new age weapons are available through the IPD and are shared with this gang to use on witnesses who see their thriving drug business and vehicle theft business. Irving has one of the highest vehicle theft rates in the nation. WHY? The IPD helps them steal the cars at night with tow trucks and car haulers in the city parks and at the Irving mall. They park a tow truck at the corner of Story and Shady Grove or Story and Oakdale and use it during the night. They steal SUV’s, jeeps, semis and buses. When you have witnessed these things with your very own eyes, you start to look at the Irving police and fire department a little differently.

    They are the criminals! They need to be sentenced to death for betraying the public trust. Deportation would be too easy a sentence.

    No kidding. I’ll give you more information if you want. People are suffering at the hands of the Irving Police. They are the bad guys. Don’t let these rosy stories fool you. They like these kind of stories written about them to make their public image look good. I know the truth and so do they. They belie their guilt when you press them. They know what they are. Putrid beasts who deserve to suffer for what they have done to innocent people who just happen to live on the street where they practice their deceit.


    skizit power (dfdd1d)

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