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President Bush Really Gets Around

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[Guest post by DRJ]

I know this is a typo but it’s a somewhat Freudian:

A St. John’s University freshman was arrested on the Queens campus with a rifle and President Bush, police said Wednesday. Police sources said the suspect, Omesh Hiraman, 22, told police that he was acting alone and walked across campus with the gun. Hiraman did not give any reason why, police said. St. John’s University was locked down and classes were cancelled as a result.

A campus security officer, a student and an NYPD cadet taking courses at Queens’s campus tackled Hiraman.”

In the headline and further in the article, it clarified that the gunman was wearing a President Bush mask.

Kudos to the quick-thinking people who stopped Hiraman.


6 Responses to “President Bush Really Gets Around”

  1. Maybe he was going shooting with Scalia. But I am curious as to how the decision was made to tackle him.

    amarc (2b5cca)

  2. His lawyer says it was a Fred Flinstone mask. There is a picture up at the Drudge linked story and I would have to agree.

    rhodeymark (1aaf2a)

  3. Maybe one of them was Alphie thinking he caught the real Bush?

    In the word to the wise department, I notice the name suggests a certain area of the world, and therefore a certain religion.

    kishnevi (32d8f8)

  4. Kishnevi,

    I thought about the religion, too. I saw the suspect’s father on TV and he looked like he was of Indian or Pakistani descent. In addition, given the misstatements in the original report, at this point I don’t even know if the suspect was wearing the mask or carrying it.

    DRJ (ec59b5)

  5. Rhodeymark,

    Did the Fred Flintstone mask you saw at Drudge look anything like George Bush?

    DRJ (ec59b5)

  6. Marion Jones…

    I Googled for something completely different, but found your page…and have to say thanks. nice read….

    Marion Jones (eeabee)

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