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Director John McTiernan Sentenced To 4 Months In Prison

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[posted by Justin Levine] 

Astonishingly, it wasn’t because he actually directed the remake of ‘Rollerball’, but only because he hired rogue P.I. Anthony Pellicano to wiretap the film’s producer.

Live Free or Die Hard baby….

6 Responses to “Director John McTiernan Sentenced To 4 Months In Prison”

  1. Mike Wallace & all the rest like to pretend they’re tough questioners, but it seems that hell will freeze over before one of these guys asks Hillary exactly for what purposes she hired private investigators such as Pellicano and Terry Lenzner.

    Brian (1da650)

  2. Minor correction: I meant, above, Chris Wallace – not his father Mike Wallace. Chris got in a couple non-tepid questions in his interview of Hillary last Sunday, but it was still a rather unspectacular performance.

    I wrote off the elder Wallace long ago.

    Brian (1da650)

  3. How stupid is this for a reaction: I’m a sucker for action movies, especially the Die Hard series, so I find this whole thing kind of sad.

    DRJ (ec59b5)

  4. Don’t lie to the cops! There was a time when they expected you to lie, and took it as a sign of respect as opposed to “Go to hell, I don’t have to talk to you”, but times have changed. Now JUST DON’T TALK TO THEM!

    nk (7c7414)

  5. My favorite line on the Die Hard series came from the Wayans brothers on In Living Color via the Men on Film series where they review Die Hard by starting out with… (paraphrase) “from the title I thought it was a love story…”

    SteveG (4e16fc)

  6. Pellicano, who has pleaded not guilty, stands accused of tapping telephones and bribing police to gain information on celebrities, including Sylvester Stallone.

    I like how Sly’s name is there at the end, as if that’s the horror in all this.

    ‘Yeah sure he broke a bunch of laws to get info, but when he went after Sly, he crossed a line man…

    Scott Jacobs (425810)

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