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Rolling, Rolling, Rolling …

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Mexican trucks may not be rolling through your town anytime soon but they will in mine now that the Bush Administration has given final authority for the US-Mexico reciprocal trucking pilot program. As of Friday, September 7, Mexican trucking company Transportes Olympic of Nuevo Leon had activated its American insurance and two Mexican trucks had crossed into Texas:

“The first Transportes Olympic truck under the new program crossed at Pharr on Thursday; Laredo saw its first truck headed to the U.S. interior Friday.
During the first month of the pilot program, up to 25 truck companies from Mexico will receive operating authority in the United States. The following three months will allow up to 25 companies to operate as well until the maximum of 100 companies is reached, [Melissa DeLaney, Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration spokeswoman] said. Mexico is giving clearance to U.S. truck companies on the same schedule, DeLaney said.

A maximum of 100 Mexican truck companies will be given authority to operate in the United States, totaling approximately 500 trucks.”

I live within miles of a major border trucking route, and I’ll be watching for Mexican carriers and enhanced enforcement for all trucks.

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    krazy kagu (b1eb84)

  2. I don’t see why this a big deal. In so far as there is fair enforcement of American regulations regarding the safety of trucks on the road, it can’t be anything but good. Call me a wild-eyed Libertarian, but the easier the movement of goods and services the better.

    Fritz (fd4e07)

  3. Fritz,

    I agree, assuming the Mexican trucks are properly inspected and insured and the drivers can read English, but then I read articles like this:

    “U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers in Texas have been ordered to abbreviate national security checks at one of the nation’s busiest ports of entry to speed up travel between the United States and Mexico, according to official documents and multiple interviews with agents.

    An Aug. 16 memorandum from CBP El Paso field office Director Luis Garcia directs agents to limit inspections of vehicle and pedestrian border crossers as wait times escalate. The document, obtained by The Washington Times, sets new guidelines that border inspectors say undermine efforts to prevent terrorists and other criminals from entering the United States.”

    I admit this causes me concern, both for safety and smuggling reasons. It was not as big an issue when trucks had to be off-loaded within 20 miles of the border but that practice will soon be a distant memory.

    DRJ (2afbca)

  4. it only makes sense if you view american policy as being crafted for the benefit of corporations rather than citizens.

    paco crosses the border northbound in his big rig. an hour later, he wipes out a young family in a honda civic because he couldn’t read the road sign in english. this is just a statistic, an anecdote, not an entire calculus. that family would have died of something eventually anyway, and it is not at all important in the overall scheme of things – compared to the economies this policy delivers to american companies, e.g., wal-mart, which can now get deliveries directly from truckers who don’t earn teamster scale, consequently benefitting all their shareholders, who are the real bedrock of america. anyway, that’s the bush line. many of you support him. i don’t. i’m one of the most pro-mexico people on here, also, one of the most anti-corporate people on here.

    assistant devil's advocate (0f536d)

  5. paco crosses the border northbound in his big rig. an hour later, he wipes out a young family in a honda civic because he couldn’t read the road sign in english.

    So please find me evidence of the wave of big-rig carnage that swept San Diego, Calexico, Nogales and El Paso when the Mexican-registered trucks were allowed to cross the border and enter 25 miles into the US.

    Are you advocating prohibition of renting cars to non-English speaking tourists with international driving licenses?

    An octagonal red sign means cease forward motion of your vehicle, whether it reads STOP or ALTO. It ain’t that tough to figure out.

    Tim (aef955)

  6. i dont see the big deal here, who exactly do americans think are installing the plumbing, electrical, HVAC, etc in the houses they are living in? lets face it, nothing is going to be done about illegal aliens until they start arguing cases in court and running for political office, of course, its gonna be to late then.

    james conrad (7cd809)

  7. Here’s an expanded report about the first Texas crossing in Laredo:

    “A North Carolina-bound Mexican truck crossed the U.S. border at 12:51 a.m. Saturday in Laredo, setting in motion a one-year trial program that has broken a 10-year free-trade impasse.

    Hauling a 20,000-pound shipment of steel, driver Luis González became the first Mexican trucker to cross the border under a controversial Transportation Department program aimed at satisfying one of the last outstanding components of the North American Free Trade Agreement. His truck underwent more than two hours of inspections just south of the border before driving without fanfare into the United States.


    “Safety is my main goal,” [Paez, the trucking company owner] said. In the one year before its DOT safety inspections, Transportes Olympic had no crashes and no trucks taken out of service for failure to meet safety guidelines, DOT said in legal filings.

    For 39-year-old González, participating in the program provides an opportunity to explore his passions of meeting new people and seeing new places. “I like the adventure of the open road,” the father of two said. Although his English isn’t perfect, it is very good. He spends his drive time listening to English-language educational CDs. He keeps a Spanish-English dictionary in his pocket just in case.”

    I don’t have a problem with this program if all the owners, drivers, and crossings are like this.

    DRJ (2afbca)

  8. This thing is not an issue and I am happy to have found a site where logic and common sense rule over hype and hysteria which is being thrown around by the Unions and Xenophobes in our society.

    I live in Mexico and the truckers don’t drive crazy here and there is no reason to think they will in the U.S.

    Be it an American or Mexican company, they are in business to make money, not pay out money on expensive lawsuits.

    Porter Corn (c857de)

  9. […] Oh, and while I think about it. Anyone wants to read some comments from a blog which features a lot of common sense thinking, try this site. […]

    The truth without the spin about the Mexican transportation industry (7f791b)

  10. I lived in Mexico and visit there frequently. Yes, there are for sure lots of unsafe vehicles and drivers in Mexico. There are also lots of unsave vehicles and drivers in Chicago. While Mexico has more unsafe vehicles per capity, I trust that those aren’t the ones receiving the approval to drive here. I could be wrong.

    The Europeans have to be totally laughing at us right now. As if Belgian trucks couldn’t drive through Netherlands…

    carlitos (b38ae1)

  11. ‘unsave’ = unsafe
    ‘per capity’ = per capita
    ugh. must preview.

    carlitos (b38ae1)

  12. The Republican Party in Illinois was destroyed by an illiterate “immigrant” truck driver who bought his CDL and subsequently killed eight children.

    nk (0c0cd0)

  13. Porter corn–a Mexican trucking company is involved in an accident, and retreats to Mexico to be sued in Mexican courts. I’m not comfortable with that.

    kishnevi (e26f5d)

  14. nk,
    The Republican Party in Illinois has many, many reasons to blame for its demise. Beyond the licences-for-bribes scandal, you have the release of Jack Ryan’s divorce papers, etc. etc.

    Anyway, are you suggesting that, since someone could buy a fake license in Illinois, that they could also buy a face license in Mexico, and come into the US and potentially cause an accident? Seems to me that this would be an example where we should get our own house in order, before worrying about Mexican truck drivers.

    carlitos (b38ae1)

  15. Porter Corn is basicaly a racist against taxpaying legal white americans, and he is white himself. He is and old druggy trucker, and resides in nuevo laredo…’boys town’ and even own the website and promotes drug use and prostitution, as you will see. this man also is running the blog in which he makes himself thi ‘final authority’ on the cross border pilot program. He is an ememy to all americans who have worked so hard for so long, and pay taxes, and have fought to live here legaly.
    He is arogant and disrespectful to all who oppose mexican truckers with PURCHASED CDL’s having free access to our roads in the U.S.A.
    I know this man, and he is only a border town partier, and lives with prostitutes, tannies, and drug runners. check his site out, and then check mine out. mine is in opposition to the cross border pilot program, and DEFINITELY against Porter Corn – aka mexicotrucker.
    for the truth,
    check it out, and feel free to participate in this new blog. interesting, no-nonsense conversation would be a nice change after all the hate against americans he spews on his site.
    would you raise your kids..(illigitimate or not) in Nuevo Laredo?? how pathetic.

    Another trucker (ff1b59)

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    Reginald Bailly (821194)

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