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Let’s take a Moment to Remember the LA Times

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Via Instapundit, Mickey Kaus wonders what you have to do to get on the front page of the LA Times in a movie star town:

“Who Has to Try to Kill Themselves in this Town to Make the Front Page?

I couldn’t believe–just a few days after their prospective new owner gave them a lecture on how they had to give customers the news the customers wanted–that the editors of the L.A. Times would run the Owen Wilson suicide-attempt story on page B-3. And they didn’t! They ran it on page B-4.”

I don’t read the LA Times regularly so this isn’t really my beat. Nevertheless, I’m posting this because I suspect Patterico will not be pleased with my excessive sports and Texas posts during his absence. Maybe a little LA Times’ coverage will earn me brownie points with Patterico when he returns.

5 Responses to “Let’s take a Moment to Remember the LA Times”

  1. I suspect Patterico will not be pleased with my excessive sports and Texas posts during his absence

    Au contraire, ma cherie. I expect that were Patterico to pick a theme song for you while filling in it would be this one.

    nk (a6ecc6)

  2. Actually the original Kaus post on Drudge reported on Sam Zell’s visit to the Los Angeles Times. The prospective new owner (Zell) doesn’t seem to think very much of the Times. He told them that they should print the news that the readers want to read, rather than what the reporters think they should be told. That’s not a prescription for happy news–rather it’s a directive that they print stuff that’s relevant to their readers and that their readers would be interested in. Who needs another political preaching job from such as Tim Rutten or Al Blowhard Martinez?

    Mike Myers (2e43f5)

  3. Second I read Kaus, flipped over here to be see the Patterico followup and . . . DRJ does not disappoint.
    Plus a really wow Police clip. What more could a blogreader want?

    m (9471d5)

  4. Always the charmer, NK, and that’s why I missed you last weekend when you were offline. It takes a Chicago power outage to dim your charm.

    DRJ (bfe07e)

  5. I actually have it in writing (in an employee evaluation) that I am a charming and friendly person but in this instance it’s the cold, hard facts. You have out-Patterico’d Patterico.

    nk (a6ecc6)

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