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Geraldo: Lying, or Just Willfully Blind to the Facts? We Report, You Decide!

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Geraldo Rivera is going on FOX News and spreading an easily debunked falsehood about the Zina Linnik story, claiming that her apparent murderer was a citizen (not true) and that this has absolutely nothing to do with immigration status. Allah gets out the true facts in this post.

Geraldo, if you can’t defend your position by making truthful arguments, what does that say about your position?


UPDATE: Geraldo doubles down on the lies and attacks Michelle Malkin in the process.

I think this is a good thing, actually. It virtually assures that the topic will come up on O’Reilly, as a debate between Michelle and Geraldo — and Michelle is more than able to hold her own against the pompous blow-dried fraud that is Geraldo. She destroyed him the last time they debated illegal immigration on O’Reilly.

The more Americans learn about this case, the more our government will focus on Deporting the Criminals First. It wouldn’t surprise me to have legislation passed and called “Zina’s law” — and I may use that label to refer to legislative efforts along these lines in the future.

16 Responses to “Geraldo: Lying, or Just Willfully Blind to the Facts? We Report, You Decide!”

  1. Also note that several of the stories portray her apparent murderer as ‘already detained on an unrelated immigration violation.’

    But… he was first picked up for this ‘immigration violation” _after_ police had an interest in asking questions. Then he became a ‘person of interest’… then the suspect.

    The ‘detained on an immigration violation’ is “Ok, we think we’ve got the right guy, find SOME way to detain him until we have a solid case on the murder.”

    Al (b624ac)

  2. Seattle P-I:

    If a permanent resident is convicted of two crimes involving moral turpitude, however, that immigrant could be deported, said Virginia Kice, spokeswoman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

    Adhahn’s incest conviction was not an aggravated felony. That’s why it wouldn’t have triggered deportation proceedings, Kice said.

    His second conviction of intimidation with a weapon also would not have triggered deportation unless it could be considered a crime of moral turpitude. Such convictions are judged on a case-by-case basis.

    steve (7d8943)

  3. Well, then, I guess this has nothing to do with immigration then.

    Patterico (2a65a5)

  4. The thing that bothers me most about Gerald Rivers is that he reminds me of Tony Orlando.

    Roy Lofquist (cb8e2f)

  5. Next time someone should hit him with a park bench

    krazy kagu (f24007)

  6. I fail to see where a incest conviction wouldn’t, by common sense, wouldn’t put this guy on ICE’s watch list assuming that “common sense” didn’t trigger deportation in the first place. As for the intimidation with a weapon I have to wonder why it was filed in municipal court when the guy is already a convicted felon and an unregistered sex offender. I would be interested in finding out if the charge was referred back to municipal court by a district attorney.

    Buzzy (9d4680)

  7. I think it’s been several years since Geraldo has been associated with any sort of journalism above the level of Entertainment Tonight…

    kishnevi (03a14b)

  8. Last yime I saw Geraldo on O’Reilly discussing this topic, Geraldo just flat out refused to answer O’Reilly’s question whether he thought illegal immigrants convicted of serious crimes should be deported. Geraldo just would not answer the question.

    daleyrocks (906622)

  9. Fox News should trade Geraldo to CNN for Lou Dobbs and a player to be named later.

    Paul Albers (658a7e)

  10. Geraldo has used the “$10 avocado” line several times. This is one of the stupidest arguments in favor of unlimited unauthorized immigration ever. Geraldo is attempting to frighten us with the thought guacamole shortages.

    Really, imagine how much money anyone could make if $9 of the $10 price is truly going to the people in the fields picking the avocado off the tree. Working 40 hours a week, picking 1 avocado a minute, Geraldo Rivera claims farmers would have to pay:
    40 * 60 * 9 = $21,600 per week for 1 employee!

    Wesson (f09249)

  11. I thought I heard something earlier this week about using inmates to harvest produce instead of illegal immigrants. It was a win-win situation for all: The farmer, the prison system and the inmate (they were making about $4.00 over their usual $.24 a day).

    Another cause for Geraldo, the poster boy for the bleeding heart liberals of this nation…

    fmfnavydoc (affdec)

  12. What’s the point of deporting burglars from your home if it doesn’t have walls or doors?

    Deportation produces the illuion of security, but until we install walls and doors, our unwanted guests will return.

    Clark Baker (aed821)

  13. Clark,

    We have 2 choices: Do nothing or deport criminals when we can. Even if the criminal is only out of the country 1 week, that’s 1 week we’re all better off.

    DRJ (31d948)

  14. … but I also agree we need to strengthen the border by building a fence.

    DRJ (31d948)

  15. Use Geraldo as a fence post on the border fence.

    AC O'Brein (2935ca)

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