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America’s Competitive Edge

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[posted by Justin Levine] 

Do you remember all of those scare stories in the late 80’s that told us that the Japanese were going to take over America because we had lost our competitive edge?


Uh-Huh! Aw yeah!…Thaz right biatch!! Shake and bake baby!!! Nobody touches us in our own back yard on the Fourth o’ Joo-lie!

10 Responses to “America’s Competitive Edge”

  1. yes, i do remember all the bullshit hype from the media about japan, today though, all the bullshit is directed at how china is going to overtake the US economy…the names and places may change but, the bullshit remains

    james conrad (7cd809)

  2. Well, that blew my mind. That just happened.

    Rick Wilcox (71646f)

  3. Heh, Joey Chestnut..sounds like he fell out of the Soprano’s. I tried to watch that on TV…it’s a rough sport to watch.

    markm (3714ae)

  4. Yes, but why does SWITZERLAND have the America‘s Cup. We’ve been beaten by the flipping Swiss Navy!!

    Kevin Murphy (0b2493)

  5. all by itself, the title of this post produced a cynical laugh over here, and there is significant, unconscious irony that the event in which we prevailed (after a six year drought) involves consuming way more of something than one needs. yes, we have the hot dog title, but which countries hold the grade school reading and math titles? i believe these titles influence a country’s competitive edge much more than the hot dog title.

    i am proud to be a citizen of the greatest country in the history of the world, but i recognize that continued supremacy is not a national birthright vouchsafed unto the end of time, that great nations have come and gone before, that we have rested for a long time on past laurels, and that we are collectively living beyond our means, as if we possessed an infinite cornucopia. if we don’t shape up, there will be a reckoning, and most of us will live to see it.

    assistant devil's advocate (22ec3e)

  6. How come the eating contest people are always so skinny? At least, the champions seem to be.

    Nice lede, by the way. I thought it would be some article glorifying unpaid overtime. :)

    David N. Scott (71e316)

  7. I don’t know if that’s a serious question, David, but there’s an answer. Abdominal fat acts like a “belt” around the stomach, preventing expansion. So stick-thin people are a rule bye the winner’s bucket of this contest.

    Eric (605286)

  8. Kevin Murphy –

    Good point. I’m a huge America’s Cup fan myself. Isn’t Switzerland a landlocked country? How the hell did THAT happen?

    Justin Levine (bfaa08)

  9. yes, i do remember all the bullshit hype from the media

    I also remember when people did 30 years ago on one income what they do today on two.

    I also remember when we could pay for a manned mission program to the moon without a second thought and a military much larger than today’s.

    I also remember getting reamed on by Japanese TV & electronics prices after they killed the US industry in dumping (which jimmah forgave) but before the Koreans showed up to offer a little competition instead of the collusion.

    jpm100 (44e950)

  10. #5

    ADC good “food” for thought. I agree.

    voiceofreason63 (da63d3)

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