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Greg Packer: Like a God

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The other day I told you about how the Sydney Morning Herald had become the latest media outlet to get suckered by Professional Man on the Street Greg Packer. Well, they’ve figured it out now:

Greg Packer, the first man in line at Apple’s flagship store in New York is now the proud owner of a 4GB iPhone. But because he hasn’t signed up to a plan, the phone lies dormant.

Packer, who we interviewed last week shortly after he began his 109-hour vigil outside the iconic Fifth Avenue Apple Store, turns out to be something of a professional line sitter.

Really?! You don’t say!

According to reports, the retired highway maintenance worker has been widely quoted over the years as a member of the public in articles and television broadcasts stretching back to 1995.

And . . . uh . . . we at the Sydney Morning Herald didn’t know that.

Here’s my favorite part:

Although Packer wasn’t able to tell us how the phone worked, he did say the experience of being first in line was like being a celebrity – “like Bono” – in a crowd. “It was like being a god,” he said in a telephone interview.

Heh. Although after 109 hours without a shower, he was probably kind of a smelly god.

2 Responses to “Greg Packer: Like a God”

  1. Have wondered for a while why Mr. Packer went to all that trouble to get a little media attention that some of us wouldn’t take money to be embarrassed by. Well. Now I know.

    If merely being quoted in the paper makes him feel like a GOD, then what will–oh, I don’t know–say, hearing his girlfriend say “I love you,” getting married, watching the birth of his first child, be like?

    Hopefully he will be able to have these wonderful experiences in his life. But maybe not, if he wastes his best years hunting down a little media attention.

    nooneyouknow (b1a462)

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