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What’s a Little Corruption Among Friends?

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Hillary has named as her national campaign co-chair a man who was impeached for bribery.

10 Responses to “What’s a Little Corruption Among Friends?”

  1. It’s merely the pitter pander of little feet.

    daleyrocks (906622)

  2. I just saw that and shook my head.

    You nuts, Hillary?

    Christoph (bad4f9)

  3. Say what you will about Hill, but she has guts.

    Then again, she got away with all those Chi-Com donations at Whitehouse coffee meets. Why not this, too?

    Ranten N. Raven (0102f7)

  4. Probably pandering to a certain segment of the population. There are more than a few who think Hastings was set up. The same sort who think OJ was set up, naturally. And even among blacks who admit he was guilty, many support him.

    I have to live with this man as part of my congressional delegation. His district is only a couple of miles east of where I live.

    kishnevi (cbca47)

  5. yeah, alcee hastings was impeached for bribery.

    and then, he went out and got a district to send him to congress! i’ve never been impeached for bribery (or anything else), yet it is…unlikely…that i could capture oregon’s 5th district house seat. i submit that congressman hastings’ achievement exemplifies just the sort of people/persuasion skills/campaign chops hillary needs to win. now this prospect doesn’t thrill me, but i’ll take a laughable president over a scary president.

    assistant devil's advocate (5058ac)

  6. She would have hired BENEDICT ARNOLD or MATTA HARI if she though they could make her look good

    krazy kagu (d982eb)

  7. Geeze you found a puddle of corruption in Hillery’s campaign but ignore the ocean of deceit, deception, lies, war, killings, assaults on the Constitution, assaults on science, political hackery, stupidity, fear mongering and bull—- from the Bush Crime Family….

    You know the Muslims always write PBUH ( peace be unto him) after the name Mohammed and when I was a kid we would always bow our heads at the mention of Jesus. I propose from now on in referring to Bush, another god like figure, we add JLTS.. (Just Like Tony Soprano).. no offense to Tony intended..

    Charlie (04c679)

  8. And from now on when we talk about Charlie we will have to add, UOHMR (Unfortunately Off His Medication Recently).

    JVW (3a9f0b)

  9. Hey JVW you can call names but you cant refute the facts that I have laid out for you to see. The entire world knows what Bush is but apparently you like fascism..

    Charlie (04c679)

  10. Hillary is just getting us used to her theory on appropriate appointments. First on her list if she’s elected President: Appointing Sandy Berger to the NSA or a Cabinet position. After all, once you’ve accepted Alcee Hastings, what’s another felon or two?

    DRJ (2d5e62)

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