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“Deport the Criminals First” — Part Seven of an Ongoing Series: The Utter Failure of ICE to Pursue Illegal Re-Entry Cases — and the Deadly Consequences of This Failure

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[“Deport the Criminals First” is a recurring feature on this blog, highlighting crimes committed by illegal immigrants — with a special focus on repeat offenders. I argue that, instead of arresting illegal immigrants who work hard for a living, we should use our limited immigration enforcement resources to target illegal immigrants who commit crimes in this country — especially violent crimes.]

Today I want to talk about a critical component of immigration enforcement: prosecuting illegal re-entry cases.

Under federal law, it is a felony to re-enter the country after deportation or removal. The previous removal need not have been a formal deportation, but can include an illegal alien’s voluntary agreement to leave. Penalties vary, largely depending on the reason for the removal.

A source who wishes to remain anonymous, but whose word I trust, tells me an eye-opening story. My source once had a conversation with an ICE deportation officer in the Southern California area, who said that he personally arrests (on average) two people a week who could be prosecuted for illegal re-entry — but that he almost never submits the cases for prosecution. Instead, he just deports them. The deportation officer explained to my source that, as far as ICE is concerned, there is no requirement that every potential case of illegal re-entry be submitted for prosecution. Whether to submit such cases is considered an internal matter within ICE.

What’s more, the deportation officer said, there is no incentive to prosecute illegal re-entry cases. Some other ICE agents are specifically tasked with putting together illegal re-entry cases, and they do their job. But as a deportation officer, this agent said, he doesn’t get any additional recognition or credit for submitting illegal re-entry cases for prosecution — and it’s a lot more paperwork than simply deporting an illegal alien. So, although he arrested something like a hundred people a year for this offense — and keep in mind that we’re talking about only one deportation officer here — he submitted almost none for prosecution.

What effect does this have on the safety of the people of the United States?

The latest example happened Monday:

(06/06/07 — RALEIGH) – Sources with Immigrations and Customs Enforcement in Wake County tell Eyewitness News this afternoon that Michael Caldera De Latorre, 24, is an illegal alien. ICE officials also said De Latorre tried to enter the United States at least twice before, both times in April of 2004.

Immigration authorities say his fingerprints suggest his real name is Ricardo Contreras, who was arrested twice in 2004 for trying to illegally cross into the United States.

In both instances, De Latorre was apprehended by federal agents and returned to his home country of Mexico voluntarily.

In other words, he wasn’t prosecuted the second time for illegal re-entry. Meaning that, instead of serving a prison sentence, he was free to kill a man named George Smith:

De LaTorre, 24, faces a number of charges including DWI, felony death by motor vehicle, and two counts of assault with a deadly weapon.

Authorities said he was behind the wheel of a Chevy Tahoe that crossed the I-40 median at Wade Avenue Monday morning, slamming into two cars.

George Smith, 54, of Cary died. Carolyn Hageman, 35, of Apex was driving the second car the SUV hit. She suffered non-life threatening injuries.

Highway Patrol told Eyewitness News the Tahoe De LaTorre was driving was stolen from the Charlotte area. The vehicle wasn’t reported stolen until Tuesday morning.

Here is a picture of George Smith, the latest victim of our government’s failure to responsibly handle the problem of illegal immigration:


8 Responses to ““Deport the Criminals First” — Part Seven of an Ongoing Series: The Utter Failure of ICE to Pursue Illegal Re-Entry Cases — and the Deadly Consequences of This Failure”

  1. How can we expect anyone to treat our sovereignty with respect when we ourselves give it away for nothing?

    Patricia (824fa1)

  2. Are they going to convict more bordr patrol agents who shoot drug traffikers smuggling their poison into this nation?

    krazy kagu (b3aac5)

  3. “I argue that, instead of arresting illegal immigrants who work hard for a living…”

    With phony documents and not paying any taxes, I say:

    Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.

    Deport them all and build the goddamn fence already you pussies.

    Petit Bourgeois (d5b6de)

  4. Look at the tough guy on the Internet with the anonymous handle.

    Patterico (eeb415)

  5. “responsibly handle illegal immigration”.

    Pardon my cynicism, but I think they _are_ handling it responsibly, relative to their goals of harassing, demoralizing, and liquidating the ‘old American’ population and replacing it with 3rd world workers. The destruction of public schooling via bussing and ‘diversity’ make it hard for ‘old America’ to have more than 2 kids due to the cost of private schools. A demographic homicide in progress.

    Jack (1afea2)

  6. Maybe if you spoke with your anonymous contributors, you would be able to label me as whatever you like.

    Glass houses, my comrade in arms. Please do not throw stones, you wimp.

    Petit Bourgeois (d5b6de)

  7. […] “Deport the Criminals First” — Part Seven of an Ongoing Series: The Utter Failure of ICE to Pu… […]

    The Voices of Citizens to the Senate at Traction Control (2d8ea5)

  8. It is obvious that ICE is overworked. The fact some jurisdictions are now deputizing police will help. But they still need more man power.

    That said, we cannot have border security if the people just come back without any penatly. They have to be prosecuted and jailed. Otherwise there is no deterrent.

    But with the lastest CNN Poll, it looks like Americans are moving towards the amnesty position, once the borders are secure. That’s a big mistake in my opinion. We will stil have all the costs, and an illegal with amnesty workforce without skills. It is the skilled immigrants we need most now, they grow the economy and put in much more than they take out.

    Bettybb (56a0a8)

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