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I now have to admit it to myself…I’ve become a Blu State supporter.

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[posted by Justin Levine] 

Why? Because as one author of authority states, “This stupid war has just dragged on too damned long.”

6 Responses to “I now have to admit it to myself…I’ve become a Blu State supporter.”

  1. I’m tired of replacing my movie discs with the latest and greatest format. For instance, I bought the Star Wars trilogy DVD to replace the VHS version. I’m tired of paying George Lucas even more money to replace it with the newest HD disc (whenever it comes out).

    Count me out of this fight. Im waiting for downloadable HD movies.

    Naman (9ee087)

  2. Naman, those downloadable movies will expire and you will just have to buy them again. Vista, hdmi, Blu-ray, etc is all meant to set up a system that makes it as hard as possible to backup your movies. I’d probably do it too if I were in their shoes, but that doesn’t mean I like it.

    You best bet is to copy your DVDs to a hard disk now.

    Dustin (50889f)

  3. I’d comment, but I’m too busy overhauling my Betamax.

    Beldar (977b40)

  4. Beldar,

    It’s fascinating to think about betamax- why the better product failed and all that. I’m pretty sure Sony has been more successful than almost any other electronics company at getting their ideas into the market, but they truly screwed up betamax and forfeited an enormous amount of money in the process. Sony has got a lot riding on Blu-ray, the whole company perhaps. They’ve leveraged their entire Playstation brand, once the bargain console with the huge base and now reinvented as the super-exclusive Blu-ray player, and they leveraged it just claw into the lead in this endless format war.

    I think they’ll win. I certainly do not believe that online delivery will get in the way very much for the vast majority of folks, and super tv’s actually do (suspiciously) make normal DVD’s look a bit lacking (my solution is to keep my old TV). There is a market for this product.

    As soon as the new DRM specs are out, Blu-ray will start getting a lot of releases and this will be anything but betamax/minidisc/umd. I think?

    Dustin (50889f)

  5. I’m sticking with the DVD format as long as I can.

    With DRM, the new formats are “No Value Added”. And I don’t intend to re-buy all the movies I’ve already bought.

    LarryD (feb78b)

  6. I personally use my PS3 for the Blu-Ray! It looks awesome :)


    Keith (1ed651)

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