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Still Unstoppable

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[Posted by Jack Dunphy.]

On the first Saturday of every June, LAPD officers gather at Dockweiler Beach for the annual Police Memorial Run, held to honor officers who have given up their lives in the line of duty. At last year’s event, Officer Kristina Ripatti participated in the relay race and joined her coworkers for a barbecue before heading off to work at Southwest Division. That night, she and her partner Joe Meyer went in foot pursuit of a man who, unknown to them, had just robbed a gas station across the street from the police station. The man pulled a gun and shot Ripatti, paralyzing her from the chest down. Meyer shot and killed the suspect on the spot.

At this year’s event, Ripatti covered most of the running course in her wheelchair, but then, in one of the most remarkable displays of strength and determination I’ve ever witnessed, used a walker to cross the last fifty feet to the finish line.

At a time when the local media remain focused to the point of obsession on the MacArthur Park melee, it’s important to remember the risks cops willingly face every day they put on the uniform. One hears a lot of talk about the “LAPD culture” and its supposed role in what happened at MacArthur Park, but the department’s true culture was on display Saturday morning at Dockweiler Beach, most notably in the person of Kristina Ripatti. There just weren’t any reporters there to tell you about it.

— Jack Dunphy

9 Responses to “Still Unstoppable”

  1. Jack,
    This story is apocryphal for our entire society isn’t it? I have to snort at the term “LAPD Culture.” The real cultural problem in Kalifornia is the sense of entitlement the fringe of society has. From Gang Bangers to Street Punks. Everyone is entitled. The only ones who must attenuate their liberties are the authorities and the decent hard working men and women who represent us. Those Men and Women who daily stand against the animals of society for us.
    Just as in the global society where our Men and Women in uniform stand against the animals of the world for us, while self-centered, morally bankrupt politician stack the deck against decent society with shamnesty, affirmative action and other government hand outs.
    The Main stream media has become the lazy, bloated lap dog of this liberal cesspool.
    I hope that more and more americans can get access to good work like your article, in order to at least bring the media/information balance back to level.

    paul from fl (ae01cb)

  2. And thanks to those countless officers who wade through the filth every day to protect us. They don’t do it for the money and they surely don’t do it for the glory. God bless those heros.

    Old Coot (f4cbb6)

  3. Jack,
    Regarding the alleged, “LAPD Culture”; when I came on the job some 10 years ago, approximately 60% of the Department had less then 5 years on the job. Since then we have gone through several Chiefs, several Mayors, and several Police Commissions. The majority of the top brass has retired. The teachers and trainers at the Academy have changed several times. And apparently, some 60% of the Department is still under 5 years on the job.

    On the other hand, whenever something controversial happens, the same people in the media and special interest groups who were attacking us 10 years ago are still around and attacking us today.

    I would like to hear someone explain to me how it is possible to have that kind of turn over of personnel at all levels of the Department and civilian leadership, yet still have the same “culture” we were accused of having when I joined. And maybe it is time to start focusing on the “culture” of those who have been around for 10 years and still make a living off of attacking the LAPD.

    Paul (db94e7)

  4. Cops and soldiers… gotta love em for the thankless, dangerous work they do.

    dubya (c16726)

  5. I am glad to read this story about Officer Ripatti. What a remarkable person she is to have come so far in one year. Thank you for posting this.

    DRJ (2d5e62)

  6. Those are not links to stories about the event Jack Dunphy talked about in the post. They are months-old stories about Ripatti.

    Patterico (eeb415)

  7. Thanks Jack.

    God bless officer Ripatti, and may she regain full mobility.

    Freelancer (954ff2)

  8. Thanks for writing about this. You are right about the media coverage. Fox did show a small clip of Kristina walking but there were no reporters there, only the cameraman who filmed it. I had the honor of being there that day, first time I had ever done this race. I still cannot believe what I saw that day. Kristina walked. She said she would and she did. It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen and I do believe that I watched a miracle that day.

    Jennie (d73d66)

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