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Shallow People: A Gold Mine

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I need to find a way to make money off of shallow people. Evidently there is a lot to be made.

9 Responses to “Shallow People: A Gold Mine”

  1. who wouldn’t want to see four acres of firm, perky gazongas? i’d be shocked if the bouncer let me in though.

    assistant devil's advocate (957171)

  2. Well, duh. šŸ˜‰

    That is the way to make money, seems to me.

    David N. Scott (71e316)

  3. This post reminds me of this excerpt from an article about a recent corporate shareholder lawsuit:

    “Both in its suit and in its quest to alter the board, Dolphin has maintained that Gupta squandered company money not only on the Clintons but on a stadium skybox and on a private yacht with an all-female crew.”

    DRJ (2d5e62)

  4. I guess gone are the days when people went to Vegas to do something socially useful like gambling.

    kishnevi (a117ab)

  5. Someone of some prominance once remarked that it was very difficult to not make money playing to the lowest common denominator.

    Another Drew (758608)

  6. OK – that doesn’t sound like my scene at all, either, but does participation in a party like that necessarily make someone shallow?

    True – anyone who would pay $375 for a bottle of rum is likely to be a major asshole, but are they guaranteed to be shallow as well?

    The Liberal Avenger (b8c7e2)

  7. “Release the twins”; best line of the article.

    Old Coot (f4cbb6)

  8. This website claims Rehah is a mecca…for shallow types:

    Hot Chicks With Douchebags

    PC14 (a4f8a5)

  9. The worst! Skinny, bronzed social climbers. Pigs and twigs.

    Vermont Neighbor (a385c8)

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