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Breaking: Blog Criticizes Politician

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I’m all for the importance of blogs and everything — but isn’t this a bit much?


No offense to the conservative blog in question (RedState), but doesn’t this sound like an Onion article? “Breaking: Area Man Expresses Political Opinion.”

8 Responses to “Breaking: Blog Criticizes Politician”

  1. When it is significant enough that the congressman in question responds and a very large number of previous monitary contributers write and call the minority leader, it’s worth significant coverage.

    If you’re saying the press is inflating this a way to remind people of a republican blemish, well yeah… obviously. It’s like whenever The Simpsons mocks Foxnews, only real. The bias is constant and ridiculous.

    But this is still a great story that ought to be in most papers.

    Dustin (c89c23)

  2. Geez, just think how many stories they could get out of DU. “Democrat activists question timing of 9/11 memorial…”

    Kevin Murphy (0b2493)

  3. I think the story and headline are presented as they are to point out that even conservative blogs criticize a Republican committee choice, suggesting how messed up the Republicans are.

    The behavior of the press attacking anything Republican and Conservative is reminiscent of sharks and blood in the water.

    One could point out that discussion of different views among conservatives is evidence some of us actually do think, have our own opinions, and don’t all “drink Koolaid”, where the Dems/liberals are more into monolithic in thought and active in viewpoint policing*. An anti-war conservative is a big story, an anti-war Democrat gets pushed out of the Democratic Party; a “Pro-choice” Republican competes for the Republican Presidential Nomination, a Pro-Life Democrat is refused a spot of national exposure at the Democratic convention.

    *(Warning, following comment guaranteed to invoke wrathful disdain.) Viewpoint/thought policing, sounds right out of 1984, Brave New World, Stalinist Russia, and Mao’s China.

    MD in Philly (3d3f72)

  4. One interesting note is a number of papers, including ours, were contacted by the DCCC to let us know their position. Calvert’s not from our area, but it was odd how quickly they wanted to get the word out.

    Edward (d1b75b)

  5. Will any newspaper contrast the leftie blogs assailing Democrats for not being liberal enough with Redstate assailing a Republican for not being ethical enough?

    nk (f28d83)

  6. Actually, it is kind of news when RedState criticizes the Republican Party – sort of a Man-Bites-Man story. As Hearst (William Randolph, not Patty) would have said, “Now that’s news!”

    Al Maviva (89d0b6)

  7. I’m with Al Maviva, this is “Man-
    Bites-Man” stuff.

    A front-pager (Erick) at RedState ran a headline “An Open Declaration of War Against The House Republican Leadership”. The comments are overwhelmingly favorable. He claims that he’s hearing favorable feedback from a lot of Republicans in the House. Calvert (the allegedly corrupt Congressman who got the plum spot) himself shows up in the comments to dispute an allegation.

    This is a real story, even correcting for the usual navel-gazing bias of the blogosphere. Major bloggers of the right and left have called out their own side before. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like this, at least on a non-ideological issue (corruption). Hopefully, this will be a populist precedent that bloggers on both sides of the partisan divide will emulate.

    Crust (399898)

  8. Here’s the link for the RedState post in question.

    Crust (399898)

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