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“How Appealing” Is Five Years Old Today

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Congratulations to Howard Bashman on five years of excellent legal blogging. His site is indispensable — I don’t care what Alex Kozinski says!

2 Responses to ““How Appealing” Is Five Years Old Today”

  1. This sounds like an open thread, so I’m going to hop in and ask a question: What are your thoughts on global warming, Patterico?

    There have been several posts on that topic from Justin Levine, but I’ve noticed that you haven’t exactly been singing a Hallelujah chorus to back him up. So where do you stand on the issue?

    Let’s take the following four statements:

    1) The earth is undergoing a relatively sudden and rapid climate change.

    2) The overwhelming scientific evidence available to us at this time indicates that the climate change is caused by human production of greenhouse gasses, including carbon dioxide and methane.

    3) If left unchecked, the climate change will cause massive and expensive disruptions in human society as sea levels rise and agricultural zones shift.

    4) Our wisest course at this point would be to immediately tackle the problems and decrease our production of greenhouse gasses while investing in new technologies for conservation and renewable energy.

    Where do you stand on those statements? Do you agree with all of them? None of them? Let us know where you part ways with the reality-based community or, if you don’t part ways, why you remain so silent on the subject.

    Oregonian (f54ab5)

  2. Let us know where you part ways with the reality-based community

    Amusing considering the first two statements are patently false, the third depends on what you consider massive and expensive, and the fourth is purely a matter of opinion.

    Taltos (c99804)

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