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Tornado Video

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Via Instapundit comes a link to a very cool video of a tornado:

9 Responses to “Tornado Video”

  1. Geez, there are some crazy people out there…

    LagunaDave (8d4715)

  2. Sweet! That tree got pwned.

    I always wanted to see a tornado in real life. Someday…

    Russell (13a51a)

  3. Just a big dust devil, that one. Pretty, though. The scarier ones are about 500+ yards across at ground level.

    dubya (c16726)

  4. Having grown up in North Texas and the lower end of what’s called Tornado Alley, I have to agree with Dubya. I’ve attended football games where we watched tornadoes like that one pass by and then resumed the game. (We’re not stupid. We did clear the field and stands until the tornado passed but it’s easy to become desensitized to tornadoes when you live with them on a daily basis.)

    The one that hit Greensburg was so big that it would be hard to tell it was a tornado if you were up close. What’s amazing is that it was big and still powerful. That’s a rare combination.

    I remember a similar tornado that hit Hale Center, Texas, in 1965, killing one and destroying the school, businesses and entire downtown. The Hale Center residents rebuilt, calling themselves “The Town Too Proud to Die.” It’s hard to imagine Greensburg can be rebuilt but, like the people of Hale Center, they may do it.

    DRJ (c6d1df)

  5. It’s already been a strange year for tornadoes in southwest Texas. There were four last week alone in the Davis Mountain areas, The local CBS station aired a video of one of the twisters that formed near Fort Davis and (fortunately) headed towards the state park and away from the town — pretty spectacular, as well as being unexpected, since tornadoes prefer flat land and these came down amidst a bunch of 7,000- to 8,000-foot high mountains.

    John (3f30ef)

  6. I understand the adrenaline factor, but seriously, the guy ‘narrating’ needs to try some decaf. I visited their website, and I cannot make it through any of their videos without yelling “Shut the *$&% up!”

    Truly, I wonder if having someone this excitable in a situation this dangerous is a wise thing. Seems to me a more level-headed person is more likely to survive multiple encounters with the wrath of nature.

    Cool video, yeah, but like I said… shut the *&%# up. Or at least quit screeching like a little girl scared of a spider.


    K Duncan (95b436)

  7. Why link to Instapundit for tornado stuff? How does the video compare to others of its kind?

    TCO (e3b5a3)

  8. And his little royal snottiness AL GORE will clam this is becuase of GLOBAL WARMING knowing how wacky AL GORE is

    krazy kagu (d61c23)

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