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Sen. Coburn Calls for Gonzales to Resign

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When Patterico blazes a trail, Senators follow.

Sen. Tom Coburn joins my call for Alberto Gonzales’s resignation.

Oh, sure, Sen. Coburn didn’t mention my post specifically — but the idea that it had no effect at all is as outlandish as the idea that the U.S. Attorneys weren’t fired to affect political corruption prosecutions.

And I mean that.

By the time you get through diagramming that sentence, to figure out what I really mean, the scandal will be over.

TPMmuckraker has video of Coburn calling for Gonzales’s resignation here.

Good for him.

2 Responses to “Sen. Coburn Calls for Gonzales to Resign”

  1. I swore I would never diagram another sentence after high school but I got the gist of your point and it was well-made. In addition, I’m impressed with your correct use of “effect” and “affect.” Maybe you should file this under Grammar.

    DRJ (50237c)

  2. Bye Bye ‘Berto?…

    I didn’t try to keep up with the Gonzales hearing but Patterico did and he says he’s toast. Click here, here, here and here. Captain Ed wasn’t too impressed either. Adios, muchacho….

    Bill's Bites (72c8fd)

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