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Stephen at Politburo Diktat Accuses Me of Dishonorably Telling Only One Side of the Story, While Telling Only One Side of the Story About What I Have Said

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Stephen at Politburo Diktat says of my posts on the U.S. Attorney controversy: “There’s nothing honorable about what you’re doing.”

Wow. Why so harsh? Well, Stephen says that my argument has been completely one-sided for the Administration. Except that he forgets to note the points I have made against the Administration, such as:

  • Sampson planned to lie to Congress about Cummins.
  • A U.S. Attorney investigating Jack Abramoff was dismissed in 2002.
  • The timing on the dismissal of Iglesias looks suspicious.
  • I considered Kyle Sampson’s admission that he proposed Patrick Fitzgerald for the firing list to be the top news of the day.
  • Charlton was right about taping confessions.

And those are just off the top of my head. And of course, I famously defended Scooter Libby, because I’m such a blind Administration defender!

Stephen writes:

Your only response to the NM radio ads was “can’t prove they aren’t so.”

Oh really?

This is a reference to a radio ad (I believe it was only one) in New Mexico that attacked the record of David Iglesias. Stephen e-mailed me about it. I asked if the ad was untrue. A bit later I sent another e-mail:

First, is the ad true? I asked you that question, and you didn’t answer.

Second, even if it is true, isn’t it a shame that we are in a situation where the Administration and its allies are slamming former USAs? And the answer is: yes. Yes, it is. And whose fault is that? Why, the Administration’s — by waving a red flag in front of the USAs by referring to “performance issues.” I would ultimately ascribe
blame to Kyle Sampson, Paul McNulty, and to Alberto Gonzales for poor leadership.

I would appreciate not having my honor questioned by someone who can’t even be bothered to accurately represent what I say.

4 Responses to “Stephen at Politburo Diktat Accuses Me of Dishonorably Telling Only One Side of the Story, While Telling Only One Side of the Story About What I Have Said”

  1. I have to laugh. I usually skip your posts about the Attorney Firings because I find you too hostile to the administration on the topic. Stephen and I would obviously not get along very well. It’s funny how different people can draw such different conclusions from the same data.

    I hope that the humor of the situation appeals to you, too.

    Nigel Ray (4671ad)

  2. The lure of the Dark Side is strong indeed.

    Pablo (08e1e8)

  3. I found after reading there for several months that Politburko Diktat is well named.

    rightwingprof (5649f5)

  4. It might be renamed Dishonest Diktat.

    I’m done with the guy. As far as I’m concerned, he’s another dishonest blogger who doesn’t care about fairness or accuracy.

    Patterico (f2d1dd)

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