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Rudy aborts campaign; Romney flip-flops on Oklahoma appearance

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Neither of these are good things. Rudy Giuliani affirmed for CNN today that he still thinks, as he said in 1989, that there’s a constitutional right to abortion in this country, and that abortions for poor women should be supported by federal money.

I admire him for sticking to his principle even when it’s unpopular. Just like President Bush has made it clear that we need to win in Iraq despite faltering public opinion, sometimes you just have to take a stand.

But this issue is a stone-cold loser. Even pro-choice Republicans don’t want the government paying for abortions; the idea is freedom from government interference and not a new entitlement program—especially for what is ultimately an elective surgery. I understand quite well the appeal of socialized medicine, but that’s for lifesaving surgery and critical health care, not for ending pregnancy.

There’s more great ranting in a similar vein at Innocent Bystanders, where Sobek notes that

I have a Constitutional right to defacate on the American flag if I want, but the government doesn’t need to pay me to do it. Nor does the government have the obligation to subsidize my gun purchases. So why should abortion be different? And if abortion must be subsidized by government, why not any other elements of “health care” (such as it is)? That’s big government talking, there, and that pisses off the federalists…

Meanwhile Mitt Romney isn’t doing himself any favors with the base, either. Apparently he’s decided to renege on a long-standing commitment to speak at the Oklahoma Republican convention on April 14th, and his campaign hasn’t offered any explanation to the party, who must now scramble around for a replacement speaker at the last minute.

As Michael Bates summarizes, “The message the cancellation sends is that Mitt Romney will stick to a commitment, but only until something better comes along.” What that something better is, I would love to see. Oklahoma is pretty much the reddest state on the map when it comes to presidential politics, and disappointing crowds of potential supporters–many of whom may be these (supposedly) suspicious ain’t-gonna-vote-for-no-Mormons evangelical Christians. It’s a great place to raise money and polish up a conservative reputation, which Gov. Romney needs to do.

But instead, he vanishes. I can’t help thinking of this exchange from Spinal Tap:

Ian Faith: The Boston gig has been cancelled…
David St. Hubbins: What?
Ian Faith: Yeah. I wouldn’t worry about it though, it’s not a big college town.

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18 Responses to “Rudy aborts campaign; Romney flip-flops on Oklahoma appearance”

  1. Rudy: Free Guns for Everyone!…

    Rudy Guiliani – the NRA’s best friend.
    No you say?
    From CNN’s Political Ticker:
    When asked directly Wednesday if he still supported the use of public funding for abortions, Giuliani said “Yes.””If it would deprive someone of a …

    The Crimson Blog (be224c)

  2. So Romney’s a closet Democrat, McCain talked with Kerry about converting into a Democrat, and Rudy IS a Democrat.

    We need a hero. Where’s Fred Thompson?

    GOP Voter (6c783e)

  3. When I saw this on Hot Air, I almost blogged it.

    Thanks for doing so.

    My view: Rudy is done.

    Patterico (af450f)

  4. But, there IS a constitutional right to an abortion in this country, and there will be until Roe is overturned. After all, the Constitution is whatever 5 justices say it is.

    I really don’t have an issue with that. What I DO have an issue with is the idea that if a Constitutional right exists, it includes a right to have its exercise subsidized. I have a right to establish a church, so the government should fund my church? Or buy me a printing press? Or a megaphone?


    The more correct question are these:
    1) does he think that Roe v Wade correctly found a right to abortion in the Constitution? and
    2) Would he appoint justices who disagree?

    Kevin Murphy (805c5b)

  5. It’s interesting that, in “Prince of the City” , Rudy is protrayed as pro-life until he is convinced there is no way he could be elected mayor unless he adopts pro-choice as his position.

    Mike K (86bddb)

  6. This is almost a dog bites man story. These guys are only confirming their flaws.

    Two things that need to be kept at the top of everyone’s radar screen:

    1) Conservatives lose when they’re split on domestic issues. Period.

    2.) The “ain’t gonna vote fer no Mormon” evangelical doesn’t exist. At least not in any significant numbers.

    In my opinion, and supported by the speed and timing of Hewitt’s book on the subject, Romney’s people have cooked up an angle to make him both a victim and a Christian martyr.

    A victim to the non-religious types, and a martyr to the Religious Right.

    Otherwise, we’re being asked to believe that a very ecumenical group of voters is suddenly and extremely interested in doctrine. I don’t buy it.

    Ray G (50194a)

  7. Ray–

    Me either. I’ve talked to exactly no one so far who has said Mormonhood would stop them from voting for Romney.

    See Dubya (787beb)

  8. Hugh Hewitt, who I do enjoy listening to usually, went from making fun of the Democrats for jumping head long into the 08 race so early, to publishing a book about a candidate on a question no one had really asked only a week later.

    Ray G (50194a)

  9. I’m totally against taxpayer money being used to pay for abortions.

    What I would like to see is for the “Pro Choice” groups to raise money through private donations to fund abortions for women who can’t afford them. This would allow the Pro Choicers to do their “good deeds” while keeping the tax dollars of those who oppose abortion out of their clutches. IMO it is the free market solution to the problem.

    Jimmy J. (773108)

  10. And there’s the problem.

    Abortion is a life and death matter to the average conservative, and simply a political difference to the pro-choice.

    Kind of like whether or not to serve ham sandwiches at your next get-together. How many observant Jews are you inviting?

    Ray G (50194a)

  11. well, be cynical for a moment. Subsidize the abortion now, or subsidize the child for the next eighteen years. I think the abortion would result in less tax money wasted.

    More seriously, Rudy has managed to offend both social conservatives and fiscal conservatives with this one. Apparently he thinks he’s already running in the general election.

    As for Romney in Oklahoma–just how important is the Oklahoma primary? (Actually, is there an Oklahoma primary?) He’s probably already made the calculation that Oklahoma is not important in the primary process, and that Oklahoma will go for the Republican candidate in the general election–so he can safely ignore Oklahoma.

    kishnevi (7a9e8b)

  12. We need a hero. Where’s Fred Thompson?

    Give me a break. Fred Thompson is a free market globalist (not concerned with the continued existence of the nation-state) with an 86% lifetime rating from the American Conservative Union.

    Tancredo has a 100% rating. That’s your hero.

    Petit Bourgeois (375601)

  13. Fred Thompson is a free market globalist


    Kevin Murphy (0b2493)

  14. Truth and Hope Report: The Collapse of Rudy…

    The wheels are coming off for Rudy Giuliani as sympathetic bloggers turn after Rudy states his support for taxpayer funded abortion. Also, the Democrats don’t want to call it the war on terror and the war on grassroots activists.

    Click here to down…

    Adam's Blog (694660)

  15. Truth and Hope Report: The Collapse of Rudy…

    The wheels are coming off for Rudy Giuliani as sympathetic bloggers turn after Rudy states his support for taxpayer funded abortion. Also, the Democrats don’t want to call it the war on terror and the war on grassroots activists….

    Adam's Blog (59ce3a)

  16. […] Rudy aborts campaign; Romney flip-flops on Oklahoma appearance […] » Senate Democrat aims for U.S. troop limits in Iraq (e2f9c7)

  17. Good.

    Glad to see your loyalty lies not with the U S of A. Maybe you should move to China, since their market seems to be expanding. I’ll buy you a one-way ticket, Mr. Murphy.

    Petit Bourgeois (375601)

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