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A Quick and Random Survey

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Raise your hand if you’d like to see Patrick Fitzgerald investigating the disclosures of classified information regarding the Swift counterterror program.

In a lazy bar/restaurant somewhere on Hilton Head Island, a dozen people just turned to see why a man has his hand waving wildly in the air.

Sorry, folks. Go back to your Championship ‘Ritas and ignore me.

6 Responses to “A Quick and Random Survey”

  1. What? After Fitzgerald missed Armitage telling Woodward about Plame, even though he knew he’d spoken to other reporters? No thank you.
    I’ll take Mary Jo White, though. Or Andy McCarthy.

    MayBee (eb1824)

  2. I would also like an investigation of where all the disinformation about the allegations came from. The KGB was the best at waiting for someone else to create a breach and then pouring fuel on the fire. What made this technique work so well was that tracking back to the originator never led to the KGB. The information age enemies of the US seem to be very organized and proficient. Almost as if they have been at war with us for a long time. I would love to know if anyone has been able to follow up on the Reuters PhotoShop scandal. Was the “fauxtopher” an opportunist trying to sell bad fake pictures for quick cash to an eager anti-Israeli client? Or was this one example of a web of lies directed by a well organized secret agency? I’d like to find out, before it is too late.
    I asked my Dad once what is was like to find out way after WWII that the US could read some of the Japanese code. He said it was very disorienting. So many things that he assumed at the time were wrong.

    tyree (023abe)

  3. I think Fleischer saw that he was going to have to lie or be in legal jeopardy, he was in the path to Cheney. Fleischer’s testimony was only contradicted, also out of character for the White House patois. I think Fitzgerald cooperated with, in the case of Russert, and subborned, in Fleischer’s case, perjury. I’d prefer he not be a prosecutor.

    Michael (80aff3)

  4. Dude, stop. enjoy your vacation for at least a few days.

    Edward (fbb6e3)

  5. I’m with MayBee — I’d rather the investigation were headed by a prosecutor who would find the actual guilty party, and not a peripheral scapegoat.

    McGehee (5664e1)

  6. McGehee– How about Ken Starr, Ted Olson or Robert Bork? But it will probably be Hamilton Berger.

    Kevin Murphy (805c5b)

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