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A Dot Com Cybersquatting Story of Evil: The Story Hits

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On its front page today, featured a story about the Cathy Seipp cybersquatter I mentioned this morning. I think my idea of denying the guy publicity is officially deader than a doornail.

Just hours before her death, “Cathy Seipp” suddenly seemed to undo decades of hard work with an oddly written letter posted on the Web site, www. In what came off as more bizarre rant than heartfelt apology, her supposed “very last blog entry” called her years of journalism a “shoddy,” “despicable” and “irresponsible” career as a “fourth-rate hack.” Her political stance? All a mistake.

The fiery, unwavering supporter of George W. Bush supposedly said she’d done a complete 180 in the past year and was now an implied supporter of Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y. What was even more perplexing was that “Seipp” was taking mean-spirited potshots at her own daughter, Maia Lazar, whom she called an “obnoxious” and “arrogant” wanna-be “skank” who was “mentally ill.” Throughout the letter, the one person whom “Seipp” seemed most sorry for ever having offended was Maia’s 10th-grade journalism teacher, who had frequently clashed with mother and daughter. Finally, “Seipp” said she was probably to blame for her own illness — the “venom” she’d spewed for years was responsible for her terminal cancer.

Friends were horrified. They quickly realized that the letter was the work of an infamous character known as “Troll Dolls” who’d positioned himself as the blogger’s archenemy and bought the domain name years earlier (Seipp’s real Web site is Troll Dolls is really Eliot Stein, a 54-year-old former online talk-show host and stand-up comedian who hadd taught Maia in a journalism class for a brief period in 2004, and who blamed Maia and Seipp for his departure from the school after only five weeks.

As I mentioned this morning, Cathy’s friends banded together to try to do something about it. I got a call from one of them, and had him talk to Justin Levine — who advised Cathy’s crowd to draw up a cease and desist letter, and to concentrate on the cybersquatting angle to the exclusion of defamation claims. (Justin, who is a Seipp fan, would have done this himself, pro bono — but he had prior commitments that day, and Cathy’s defenders had to move fast.) Justin’s advice was apparently very helpful; our mutual friend told him: “Your lightning-quick advice was crucial to this process; 100 people thank you vociferously.” From the article, it appears that the ultimate course of action taken by Cathy’s defenders mirrored Justin’s advice:

Seipp’s friends marshaled their resources, creating an impromptu Internet chat room to make their plans, fingering Stein as the culprit, enlisting the help of a lawyer [Kimberly L. Thigpen of Pfeiffer Thigpen & Fitzgibbon] to serve him a cease-and-desist letter, and successfully lobbying Stein’s Internet host to take the Web site down permanently.

Congratulations to Justin for the role he played in this. And cheers to Kimberly L. Thigpen of Pfeiffer Thigpen & Fitzgibbon, who got the job done.

What does Stein have to say for himself, after writing a fake letter from a woman dying of cancer which portrayed her as having been a hack and a terrible mother?

“I’ve got an incredible sense of humor,” Stein said. “I’m an expert at Photoshop.”

Dude, I saw your site on more than one occasion. You’re a moron. Even if I had hated Cathy Seipp, I would have had no trouble concluding that you are a petty, little, mean, nasty man with absolutely no sense of humor whatsoever.

Stein continues, speaking of Cathy’s friends:

“They thought that because this is the Internet they could say whatever they want whenever they want, but they met someone with an expansive education, a pioneer of the Internet with an incredible sense of humor,” Stein said. “They picked the wrong person to mess with.”

If there really is a Heaven, it will come equipped with a Hellcam, so we can at least check in on this guy from time to time — and clink our wine glasses together in celebration as we watch him slowly roast.

16 Responses to “A Dot Com Cybersquatting Story of Evil: The Story Hits”

  1. I don’t understand all the legal stuff, but the guy wanted the spotlight and now he’s got it. Let’s see how that works out for him.

    Jim Treacher (867a4f)

  2. He’s already in Hell, Patterico. This was the conduct of a damned soul who cut himself off from any communion with God.

    nk (483a52)

  3. It took living past thirty to be able to understand this, but just knowing how profoundly unhappy people like Stein really are, helps me not want to resort to just punching people out.

    Not that such actions wouldn’t be deeply gratifying, but hey, we’re all grown up now, and I’d hate to give a guy like that a day in court.

    Ray G (50194a)

  4. Thank you for that post, Patterico.

    Ray G.
    As someone considerably over 30, I second your observation! The worst punishment Troll Dolls could ever endure is being condemned to live as Troll Dolls. He picked a fight with a dead woman — and lost. And without Cathy Seipp to kick around, he will go back to being a nobody.

    Bradley J. Fikes (1c6fc4)

  5. I don’t want to punch him out.

    I just want to watch him roast, slowly, while I drink wine with friends.

    Patterico (04465c)

  6. I speak of punching people facetiously of course, but if one has ever connected a good left hook on a guy, . . . ahhh. . . .

    Then let him roast :)

    Ray G (50194a)

  7. Great that Seipp got slimeball Eliot Stein kicked out as a teacher. Hope this gets one more lefty hater—the only thing lefties do well—pitched into the toxic waste dump of what they spew on a daily basis.

    daveinboca (0c9ba3)

  8. Great stuff, Patterico. This guy’s the worst non-criminal, non dictator or terrorist I’ve seen in quite a while.

    Who says they have an ‘incredible sense of humor’??

    David N. Scott (71e316)

  9. Deny him publicity?

    He should BE so lucky.

    It’s on. Damn, it’s ON.

    Maia’s been a friend of mine for 4 years, and he’s about to get more publicity than he can POSSIBLY enjoy.

    This is personal.

    Misha I (4b812e)

  10. He can have a private roasting and watch himself in a mirror.

    htom (412a17)

  11. Wow. What a terrible human being.

    Steve (43f553)

  12. This is not a “lefty” issue. It’s a pathetic excuse for a human being issue. And he has such a distorted view of reality that I don’t see him suffering from having to live with himself.

    I’m proud to say I was called on to help. My husband tracked the Internet service provider, which enabled Team Cathy to request that the site be taken down.

    I’m not pleased he’s getting publicity. Cathy is dead, but this all started with his harassment of her daughter. A man who could slime a dying woman certainly could be inspired to attack a teen-age girl who’s just buried her mother.

    Joanne Jacobs (198379)

  13. Joanne,

    On behalf of the saddened commenters on Cathy’s World, thanks for helping put a stop to that abuse of her name.

    Bradley J. Fikes (2d121e)

  14. [Threat removed, user banned]

    Ken (6acadd)

  15. I wrote a post about this too. It makes me angry to see people being so thoughtless. I would love to help put a stop to this. If you would like to read my article, just click my name.

    Garry Conn (6c154e)

  16. stein bad person

    steve hansen (8b7c45)

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