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Vote for Teflon Don at Milbloggies

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Teflon Don at Acute Politics needs your vote in the Milbloggies. You can vote for him here. (He is in the U.S. Army category.) If you haven’t registered, do so here.

I’m pushing Badgers Forward too, but Acute Politics is neck and neck for first place and needs every vote he can get. Certainly consider a vote for either one, but I really want to see Acute Politics take the top spot if he can.

I was an early supporter of both sites and want to see them do well.

2 Responses to “Vote for Teflon Don at Milbloggies”

  1. You done now with the Border trials?

    You do know the jury will probably be ready to
    convict/acquit Libby this week?

    You and other center-righties gonna let EW, FDL
    continue to do all the heavy lifting?

    semanticleo (5da906)

  2. I voted but it was hard to register, apparently because Milblogging is having website problems. I hope it’s because so many people are trying to log on and read about our troops.

    DRJ (605076)

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