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Sound Mixer Kevin O’Connell – My Latest Hero of the Film Industry

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[posted by Justin Levine] 

A lot of attention was given to director Martin Scorsese for finally getting the Oscar monkey off his back by winning the award after 7 previous losses.

That is nothing compared to sound mixer Kevin O’Connell who has now been nominated for an Academy Award 19 times (yes, 19 times) and never won. There were even two occasions where he was nominated twice for two different films in the same year, but still didn’t win. I’m not sure, but he may very well be the most nominated individual in Academy Award history. He certainly has the longest streak for Oscar nominations without a win. Last night, he lost out for the 19th time when Apocalypto failed to win the award for best sound mixing.

I tried contacting Mr. O’Connell to see if he would be interested in coming on the radio show to discuss his Oscar streak. His wife was kind enough to call me back and explain that he would normally love to come on the program, but that unfortunately his father had passed away last night – shortly after the Academy Awards ceremony.

Losing the Academy Award for the 19th time, and then having your father pass away all in the same evening. In my book, that is what you call a rough night. Anyone who can endure nights like that is a hero in my eyes.

Condolences to the O’Connell family for its loss. (And while the issue pales in comparison, here’s hoping that he wins next year for his work on Spider-Man 3.)

[posted by Justin Levine]

8 Responses to “Sound Mixer Kevin O’Connell – My Latest Hero of the Film Industry”

  1. Jeeze, guy works on some major blockbusters (Spider Man, Terminator 3, Men in Black II, et al.) yet still hasn’t won. You would think that Sound Editing would be a category that favors the big popcorn movies, but somehow this guy can’t seem to make it to the stage. The fact that his wife was so gracious to Justin during a difficult time for their family leads me to believe that he is probably a good guy, so I too will root for him next year.

    JVW (255a81)

  2. He was nominated twice for two different films in the same year? So that’s four nominations….

    CraigC (aa6a7c)

  3. He’s also on the Board of Governors for the Academy. I guess this is one guy who really doesn’t pull strings for himself.

    ras (79a430)

  4. Good point ras. I missed that one.

    Justin Levine (759b56)

  5. Mr. O’Connell has the misfortune of working on movies that make a lot of money, as opposed to those artsy “aristocratic British lord has recriminations over his mistreatment of the domestic help” movies that the academy seems to prefer. Of course he is doomed to never getting one of those statues.
    I bet he is paid well though. Maybe he will buy one off that American Idol runner up in a year or two, after the hollywood clik has tired of their latest pet project and cast her into the outer darkness of “B” movies.

    papertiger (fbc22c)

  6. papertiger – I understand the point you are trying to make. But in the world of sound mixing, it is usually the blockbusters that come away with the awards.

    Justin Levine (759b56)

  7. i can’t get myself to feel sorry for someone who makes, oh, a MILLION dollars a year.

    being nominated for oscars and not winning is a serious luxury problem.

    joe (158c44)

  8. Joe – I’m sure sound mixers make a perfectly good living based on their union salaries. But I guarantee you it isn’t any where near a million a year.

    Justin Levine (759b56)

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