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Why Bush’s State of the Union Speech Will Get No Press Coverage

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[posted by Justin Levine – not Patterico]

Because Bush’s speech tomorrow night coincides with the deadline for Anna Nicole Smith to conduct her court ordered paternity test on her new daughter to prove who the real father is.

Geesh! Doesn’t the White House keep on top of this stuff? They should have rescheduled…

I realize that we won’t likely know the actual results of the test tomorrow, but not since Bill Clinton had to share the State of the Union spotlight with the O.J. Simpson civil verdict has there been such an unfortunate confluence of events that demand our attention.

[Update: I even forgot to mention the fact that Bush will also be competing with the announcement of the Academy Award nominations. It just gets worse and worse…]

[posted by Justin Levine]

12 Responses to “Why Bush’s State of the Union Speech Will Get No Press Coverage”

  1. Considering what how unfortunate the state of the Union actually is, Bush would be lucky if your sarcasm were closer to reality.

    Leviticus (3c2c59)

  2. American Idol is airing right after the State of the Union on the east coast. That got 37 million viewers last week, which is huge. Depending on exactly how they schedule it, many people might be tuning in to see an American Idol, only to get Bush.

    The Bush SoS Drinking game is fun. Take one shot of tequila each time you hear one of these:
    – jobs America won’t do
    – family values don’t end (?) at the Rio Grande
    – a virtual border wall built with remotely monitored gizmos instead of wall material is superior
    – “this is not amnesty”
    – a description of an amnesty plan
    – guest worker program
    – we will crack down on employers soon
    – SSN fraud will not be tolerated

    Wesson (c20d28)

  3. Wow, I didn’t know Leviticus was bummed about the democrats getting control of the senate and House too!

    Hey, we do have some things in common.

    G (722480)

  4. You also get one shot after each time he says, “And to pay for this program, I propose to take from you, that which you have earned, that which you might otherwise use to pay for food, housing, or a child’s education, or to provide from your retirement. These funds will be taken from you by force if necessary.”

    Can anyone say, “designated driver?”

    Diffus (ead439)

  5. Given that Bush has been reduced, through a combination of the election results, his incompetence and his throwing in the towel, to the lamest of lame ducks, why should anyone bother to watch tomorrow’s speech? It’s not as if he has a chance of actually accomplishing anything in the next year and a half.

    Perhaps Democrats will watch, in order to laugh at what become of the guy who used to torment them to such a degree. For Republicans, it would be painful to watch the guy who squandered so much, who singlehandedly handed control of Congress back to the Democrats, who started off well only to flame out and crash and burn. And for everybody else, watching him will be like watching the poor folks on American Idol who go on thinking they have talent… only to have the audience laugh at them for being so delusional.

    steve sturm (9e95c8)

  6. He’s got the power of the veto and the bully pulpit. He is the Chief Executive and he actually runs the government. The Congress can cavil and snivel but the President is a hare to their turtle. He did waste his political capital and failed to take advantage of the power of the Oval Office, that Reagan spent two terms building and Clinton used to the best personal advantage of any President, but it’s not too late to change his ways. He does need better people around him, IMHO.

    nk (bfc26a)

  7. And it’s actually two years minus two days left in his term.

    nk (bfc26a)

  8. Plus, it’s my night to wash my hair.

    TruthProbe (b0f421)

  9. Pardon me, but I say hooray for the Oscar nominations, Smith’s paternity dealy, Lohan’s latest trip to rehab, and the awful news that the “Desperate Housewives” are so far over the hill that their wrinkles have spread to places that if ignored, interfere with urination. Another way of saying, “I am sick up to here with Bush, his horrible appointments and the result of them, his so call agenda, or anything he will say other than good bye.”

    Duke (2d4db0)

  10. And they could,nt wait to cover all of slick willies STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESSESS whata buch of unrelaible fools

    krazy kagu (9a4519)

  11. I LIKE PIE!!!!!!!


    yO mAMa (52feb2)

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