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Nifong Asks to Be Rescued Recused

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The New York Times reports:

The district attorney has asked the state attorney general to take over prosecution of the sexual offense and kidnapping case against three Duke University lacrosse players, an official involved in the case said today.

It’s the weasel’s way out. He can’t go forward, but he doesn’t want to step up and dismiss the charges himself.


Bold prediction: if the A.G. takes over, he will dismiss all charges.

OK, it’s not so bold. But it’s probably correct.

The person most likely to emerge from this fiasco with a criminal conviction is Mr. Nifong.

UPDATE: I just noticed that the letters in “recused” can easily be rearranged to spell “rescued.” How ironic. I think I’ll alter the post title to reflect this little tidbit.

48 Responses to “Nifong Asks to Be Rescued Recused”

  1. It’s the right thing to do, Patterico. The North Carolina Conference of District Attorneys recommended the same thing after the publication of the ethics charges against him. He’s not simply an elected official but also a lawyer whose clients are the people of the State of North Carolina. He is in a situation where his ability to exercise independent judgment on behalf of his clients is in question. The only ethical thing he can do is stop doing anything and turn over the case to another lawyer.

    [That’s arguably true. But it also seems mighty conveeeeeenient for someone who should have dumped this case before now, based on everything I know about it. — P]

    nk (f58916)

  2. The person most likely to emerge from this fiasco with a criminal conviction is Mr. Nifong.

    Oh, I so hope so.

    Darleen (543cb7)

  3. nk, is he supposed to exercise independent judgment? Or is he supposed to follow the evidence?

    Seems to me what got him into trouble is representing too many of the people of Duke faculty and not the facts of the case.

    Anwyn (a130c1)

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    Bob Corley (1d10c1)

  5. If he were a celebrity, Mr. Nifong might claim a substance abuse problem, check into a clinic, and hope he could avoid prosecution. The general public’s memory is short enough that 30 days in rehab makes most people forget and move on. However, it doesn’t sound like the families of the 3 Duke students are going to forgive and forget.

    DRJ (51a774)

  6. Both, Anwyn. Prosecutors have a tougher row to hoe than private attorneys. They are held to a higher standard in the cases they are allowed to bring and even in the public comments they may make about them. Because they have the power of the state behind them. Still, the people of Durham County are entitled to fair representation too and if their attorney, because of his personal troubles, cannot fairly represent them in a particular case they are entitled to a new one. My point was that the people should not be shortchanged in their representation because their attorney wanted to make his troubles go away.

    nk (5e5670)

  7. Any chance Nancy Grace, Wendy Murphy and the rest of that wretched crew of TV lynch-shrews can get wrapped into this well-deserved shit sandwich … ?

    lbo (f86e7d)

  8. LBO, you need not fear. The libel suit those people are going to face is going to hammer them proper.

    I think it’s the accuser who is most likely to face criminal charges, to wit filing a false police report, and possibly perjury. IMHO Nifong is second on that particular hit parade.

    But once the charges have been dropped, the civil suits are going to fly thick and fast. The three kids and their families are going to sue Durham, and Nifong personally. They’re going to sue Duke, and the group of 88. The fired coach of the Lacrosse team is going to sue Duke. It’ll be years before all the fallout settles.

    Steven Den Beste (99cfa1)

  9. I don’t know; i fear that the truly evil, those who went on tv and profited handsomely from this wall-to-wall prosecutorial porno show, without regard to the lives they were hamburgering, will laugh happily in their new kitchens without ever facing the law of the talon.

    But the as Johnny Cash sang:

    “There’s a Man going around taking names;
    and when he decides who to free and who to blame;
    everybody won’t be treated quite the same;
    there will be a golden ladder reaching down;
    when the Man comes around. “

    lbo (f86e7d)

  10. Steven Den Beste:

    I predict that most of the civil suits are resolved within twelve months of filing.

    Nifong probably has absolute civil immunity (Caveat: I don’t know North Carolina law, but this is a good guess) but bad cases make bad law, and I think everyone will want to resolve it. I expect the county will pay.

    Duke has some easy ways of quiet resolution. The Gang of 88’s not going to get successfully sued, and the charged folks have easier targets. As a private university, they can solve with a non-disclose, which probably everyone will want.

    I think a lot of people have interest in a global resolution, not least of which are the potential plaintiffs, who are probably not eager to spend a bunch of time in depositions and years more in court.

    The more interesting thing is what happens to Nifong’s ability to practice law. I wouldn’t be shocked at some sort of negotiated disposition as to his bar status – and I wouldn’t be surprised if it were a sensible one. I hope it’s sufficiently severe to send a serious message to people not to do this.


    JRM (78df3e)

  11. If Nifong had acted the way a DA is supposed to act, he would have absolute immunity. But people who are familiar with NC law say that some of what Nifong has done (in particular, him taking over the investigation) takes him out of the protected realm, and leaves him partially vulnerable to suit.

    The city of Durham (not the county) is going to get soaked; there’s no question of that. I think Duke is also going to get soaked. As to the gang of 88, they don’t have any immunity and I think they’re going to get hurt. “Non-disclose” doesn’t help them because everything needed for a libel suit is already in the public record. (And they’re about to find out the limits of “academic freedom” and what tenure doesn’t protect them from.)

    As to Nifong, if he is not disbarred, it’s going to be a scandal — but I won’t make any predictions about that.

    Steven Den Beste (99cfa1)

  12. Nothing less than permanent disbarrment and financial ruin for Nifong.

    Nothing less than huge settlements from Duke to the three victims.

    Nothing less than huge settlements from the 88 to the three victims.

    Nothing less than a public apology from the accuser to the three victims. (No point in going after her for money – she has three illegitimate children.)

    Nothing less than public apologies from the ghastly Nancy Grace to the three victims. Same for Wendy Murphy.

    rightisright (2fce83)

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  14. Maybe Duke’s settlement should be the first required course work in college history on “Social, legal and cultural Misandry and the deceptive female.” The course could inform us on the genesis of the deceptive female as well as the frequency of false rape allegations, paternity fraud and the manipulation of the famliy court system in order to defraud men out of their homes and families.

    paul from fl (967602)

  15. Patterico: like SDB, I’d like to think Nifong is the second most likely person to face criminal charges in this case, and tied for first on most likely to permanently lose his preferred means of employment. Once the identity of the “victim” is made public, no one in his right mind will hire her as a stripper, or as anything else for that matter.

    LBO: it would indeed be nice to see witches like Murphy and Grace go down with their Dear Leader, but to the extent they’ve merely commented on a public issue they were not connected with as prosecutors, I don’t think anyone can bring ethical charges, and libel suits on public matters are tough to pull off. The best we can hope for is that by sticking their necks out so early, so far and so persistently in the face of the evidence, they will be permanently discredited. And given their current cult following despite past witch hunts of their own, I suspect even that may be too much to hope for.

    Xrlq (f8b526)

  16. The Scottsboro Boys, nine young black men accused of raping two white women (part-time prostitutes), one of whom later recanted her story. Malicious prosecutors and all-white juries of the Depression South convicted the nine and there were sentenced to death.

    Here’s the
    entry on the Scottsboro boys. Can someone tell me, how this case is different from the Scottsboro Boys case, which you’ll find in the history textbooks? A malicious prosecutor panders to his racist and envious voter base to get elected. The racist/sexist/bigoted establishment (ie Duke faculty, Durham newspaper, dinosaur media) back the racist prosecutor and his racist supporters. Young men are thrown to the wolves for political, class and sexist reasons.

    Jabba the Tutt (1e3558)

  17. Jabba

    LaShawn Barber made that point last June,

    In 1931 Scottsboro, politically powerful whites resented blacks. In 2006 Durham, politically powerful blacks resent white Duke elites. The district attorneys in both cases used racial and class resentment to political advantage.

    However, leftists dismiss such analogizing because Racism is a system, not an intention

    The focus on intent is what allows people to reinforce racist structures while denying that they’re doing that. Exhibit #1: LaShawn Barber has an op-ed today where she compares the members of the Duke lacrosse team that are accused of rape to the Scottsboro Boys. The cases don’t have much in common in any social sense. First of all, the Scottsboro Boys were accused in an atmosphere where lynchings were incredibly common in the South, whereas the Duke students are being accused where they are some of the most privileged in society. Second, the Scottsboro defendents had barely any defense at all, especially compared to the first class lawyers the Duke students can hire. The alleged victims in the Scottsboro case didn’t really explain themselves or the charges, and one never testified at all (presumably because she inconveniently refused to play along and pretend she was raped). I could go on, but you get the idea of why Barber’s comparison of the two cases is ridiculous.

    But because the concept of racism has been reduced to intention instead of a systematic societal problem, people like Barber can get away with equating people who are loaded with privilege with victims of a racist system like the Scottsboro Boys. And that’s why it’s so damn frustrating when white liberals insist on

    (my emphasis) As you can see, Leftists can dismiss all sorts of racism and sexism when the perps are not of “the privileged” class. The Duke lacrosse players may not be “guilty” in the specific instance, but they are GUILTY in the larger societal sense because they are white, rich and hired an oppressed female. It doesn’t matter that they neither raped her nor even INTENDED to rape her … if she FELT she was “raped” then that’s what counts.

    Feelings….nothing more than feelings ….

    Darleen (543cb7)

  18. whoops, forgot to close a tag


    Darleen (543cb7)

  19. “…white liberals insist on making racism about someone’s intentions instead of the effects of their actions.”

    (missing section due to my flubbing the tags)

    Darleen (543cb7)

  20. […] I fear that Mike Nifong is going to get away with this with a mere slap on the hand. It seems probable, as the well-respected prosecutor and blogger, Patterico, notes, that the case against the Duke students will be dismissed. […]

    Sue Bob’s Diary » Durham On My Mind (1b383c)

  21. Not so fast Dookies: Southun’ Justice has no relationship to justice. These are the same clowns who validated lynchings, beatings, Huey Long, Bull Connor, and an endless parade of scumbag sheriffs who falsely accused almost anyone they could rob. The Southern ol’ boy network is more likely to stick together and protect their own crooked asses than they are to seek a “justice” that will make all of them look bad and risk a ton of lawsuits. Remember that there are a luxury liner full of shitheads who stepped out of line here: cops, many on the “I’m better than you” faculty of a “prestigious” university, Durham Blacks (a potent “voting” block), and plenty of public officials who stuck their heads in the sand as usual. Everyone wishes this thing would just “go away” and finding some evidence of physical force would validate the corruption of the various institutions in NC. The resignation of one of the most vile members of the “Group of 88″ ought to tell you that the moral jackals that compose the “Duke 88″ faculty members ain’t going gently into that good night.

    Duke (2d4db0)

  22. The judge on FOX said that if the case goes to trial, the DA and the state cannot be sued for misconduct. If the case is dismissed prior to jury trial, both the state and the DA can be sued for civil damages.

    Ray Simpson (ffddf3)

  23. Okay, real quick before the press conference starts, I’m predicting the NC AG


    take the case.

    Charlie (Colorado) (19fced)

  24. Oh, eek, a typo: s/won’t/will/

    Crap, you’re not buying it.

    Oh, well — wouldn’t I have looked like a wizard if I’d have been right?

    Charlie (Colorado) (19fced)

  25. Nifong Asks to Be Rescued Recused …

    It won’t have much effect on the price of bullets in Baghdad but some things are just fun to watch anyway. When you were a kid, did you ever toast ants with a magnifying glass? I swiped the title from…

    Bill's Bites (72c8fd)

  26. I left something out.

    Nothing less than charges against the accuser for filing a false report.

    Mr. P: Her name is out on the blogs. I won’t post it here without your permission.

    rightisright (2fce83)

  27. At this point, I can’t think of any good reason NOT to divulge [redacted by Patterico]’s name. After all, it’s not exactly a secret. Besides, at this stage it appears far more likely that she is the criminal, not Collin Finnerty, and certainly not David “nonexistent mustache” Evans or Reade “wasn’t even friggin’ there” Seligman. I don’t take outing lightly, but in this case, she’s the real criminal and the real story. She also has a pretty hefty rap sheet of her own, which can be Googled using he real name but can’t be using P.C. euphemisms like “Duke exotic dancer.”

    [I might even agree with X’s analysis, but I am redacting the name nonetheless. I’m on my way out the door and will explain later. I just don’t want it done here. — P]

    Xrlq (f8b526)

  28. [Information redacted. This can easily be found on the Web if you’re determined, but I ask people not to disclose the alleged victim’s information here. As I say, I’ll more fully explain my position at a future time. — P]

    nk (41da82)

  29. Sheesh! Sorry, Patterico. I took too long drafting my comment and did not see yours until now. If you don’t see it first, maybe Xrlq or See-Dubya can delete my #28.

    nk (41da82)

  30. Why should Duke University be punished?

    You had three members of the lacrosse team legally charged with rape; suspension is really the only choice the university had. You had a whole team participating in a booze-soaked party with “strippers,” and an assault was alleged to have happened on the premises, seriously enough alleged to have resulted in criminal charges.

    Yeah, the charges seem bogus, but what choice did the university really have? I thought that the whole thingstank from the beginning, but if I had been the president of the university, I’d have taken the same actions he did — because he really had no other options.

    Dana (9f37aa)

  31. Nifong’s attorney, David Freedman, said that Nifong acted because “he wants to make sure the accuser receives a fair trial.”

    To second rightisright, I think Nifong’s own attorney made a Freudian Slip.

    X_LA_Native (1bf144)

  32. On Anonymous Non-Victims…

    Now that it’s become pretty clear to just about everyone in the world except Wendy “All Rape Charges Are Real” Murphy and Nancy “What She Said” Grace that the real criminals in the Duke lacrosse rape shakedown case are Mik…

    damnum absque injuria (38c04c)

  33. You had three members of the lacrosse team legally charged with rape; suspension is really the only choice the university had.

    Why? Being charged is not the same as being convicted. There is in this country what’s known as “presumption of innocence” in criminal trials, and it ought to have applied in the case of Duke, too. Why should they have been suspended?

    Steven Den Beste (99cfa1)

  34. Steve, because they had to be; the university can’t have accused (by which I mean: legally charged, and free on bail) rapists on campus.

    If a university student is charged with rape and kidnapping, but is free on bail while awaiting trial, and he commits another violent crime while on campus, I guarantee you that the university is going to get sued, sued, and sued again, presumptions of innocence notwithstanding. No college can expose itself to that kind of liability.

    Is that fair to those wrongly accused? No, of course not. But nothing in our society is fair to those accused of a crime but not convicted.

    Dana (556f76)

  35. nk,

    Your early comments (#1 and #6) suggest that you haven’t followed this case… or at least not in any detail beyond what Duff Wilson of the New York Times has seen fit to print.

    For example: what evidence did D.A. Nifong present to the Grand Jury in April to secure his indictments?


    If a good-faith, reasonable person knew what the D.A. knew at that time, what evidence would he or she have considered to have been probably true and probably suggestive of a crime having been committed?


    Not the alleged victim’s conflicting and inconsistent stories. Not her history of false accusations. Not the testimony of the other dancer. Not the report from the examining nurse-trainee and doctor. Not the conflicting and inconsistent photo lineup results. Not the exculpatory DNA findings. Not the statements or behavior of the alleged attackers or the alleged bystanders. Not the ironclad alibi of one of the alleged attackers.

    And so on.

    And it’s not just about the complete absence of Probable Cause from the get-go. It gets worse when you examine the other aspects of this sordid case.

    One of the things this hoax is teaching in its later stages is that some people will believe what they want to believe. No matter what. No matter what the cost is to their credibility.

    Wendy Murphy is in this category. I hope you are not keeping her company.

    AMac (6f672d)

  36. AMac, #35:

    I’m sorry if I have not made myself clearer.

    I believe that Nifong did not exercise independent judgment on behalf of his clients, the people of the State of North Carolina, but instead acted in his own interest — his reelection. The conflict of interest became official when he was brought up on charges. Nonetheless, the people of the State of North Carolina still need an attorney without a conflict or personal interest (same thing, actually) to represent them. That’s why recusal and substitution is the right thing. As opposed to him making his troubles go away by dismissing the charges but the people not ever having an attorney who acted in their interest and not in his.

    nk (f58916)

  37. Mr. Den Beste,

    I sympathize with your view that students who have been charged with a crime should not be expelled pending trial. Nevertheless, Dana may be correct that many colleges would consider expulsion. As summarized in this article, colleges have expelled suicidal students – who weren’t even charged with crimes – because they were considered a threat to themselves and/or others. The results of several lawsuits make it less clear what colleges will do in the future. Given what happened in the Duke case, perhaps colleges will think twice about expulsion in the future.

    DRJ (51a774)

  38. Here’s a link to a NY Times’ article on this subject.

    DRJ (51a774)

  39. nk,

    Thank you for the clarification. With the addition of the explanation in #36, your view seems resonable to me, although I do not think it fits the circumstances of this case very well (if I can offer an opinion on a legal matter in this nest of lawyers, and get away with it).

    In #1, you wrote

    [DA Nifong] is in a situation where his ability to exercise independent judgment on behalf of his clients is in question. The only ethical thing he can do is stop doing anything and turn over the case to another lawyer.

    The problem is that, from all that we know now, no probable cause for charging anybody with a sex crime existed when the indictments were made last April. In addition, the case has been a cascade of Due Process violations from the that time to this.

    You seem to be suggesting that when a DA is compelled by external pressures to separate himself from the invent-&-railroad monster that he created and nurtured, he is being ethical by recusing himself, but would be unethical if he dropped the case.

    No, this latest forced choice isn’t a matter of his ethics.

    Further, it seems that you are suggesting that the people of the State of N.C. need to see the case continued, specifically by having it reviewed by an attorney serving their interests. But this would have applied equally to the situation that obtained prior to the ethics charges. Slow-moving Bar or no, Nifong was acting unethically back then, too. So by this reasoning, it would have been unethical for him to have dropped the meritless case that he initiated?

    AMac (6f672d)

  40. AMAC,

    As one of the lawyers in this nest (although I prefer the term hive), I happen to agree with you. At this point, however, I think it’s probably better for the people of NC to have a (hopefully) neutral party look at this case. They all have to live together when this is over, and it may help to have the case fully reviewed and thereby lessen the likelihood that the public will dispute the dismissal I think will occur.

    I know this prolongs the Duke students’ and their families’ anguish, but I’m sure they view this as a positive development even though they undoubtedly want this case to end sooner rather than later. Nevertheless, in the long run, I believe they will be better off with vindication that doesn’t involve trusting their fate to a Durham jury.

    DRJ (51a774)

  41. AMac #39,

    Whether Nifong was a traitor to his clients’ interests from the beginning does not mean that the clients should continue to be deprived of an attorney.

    We think that Nifong was “acting unethically” and we are entitled to our opinion. It means nothing in the absence of a legal determintion. And that will happen when both sides, represented by competent counsel, get a fair hearing before an impartial tribunal.

    nk (06f5d0)

  42. I was watching “60 Minutes” the other night, when they were interviewing the parents of the accused.
    The host asked whether the actions of the students troubled their parents in any way, and the response she got was “They made a stupid mistake”. Then, to my further chagrin, was the added response of “Besides, all the college kids are doing it”.

    Well… No, they aren’t. Fuck off.

    Rape?! Go to your room!

    Oh, wait: It’s only sexual assault. I’m sorry, honey.

    These guys were adults, and they should’ve known better.

    I agree with Dana; Once these guys get off, let’s step back and examine the question from a moral angle rather than a technical one.

    Leviticus (511f05)

  43. The one and ONLY thing that has become apparent in this case is the necessity of getting rid of the rape-shield laws and similar media policies.

    These three students, WHO APPEAR TO BE TOTALLY INNOCENT, were publicly pilloried while their accuser was given a pass by most of the media.

    This is a he-said she-said type of case. Just as the media published the names of the accused, and looked into THEIR backgrounds, it should have published the names ot the ACCUSED, and looked in to her background as well.

    There is no greater predictor of integrity than past actions and experiences. The accuser’s past criminal record, her past history of psychological problems, her past history of lack of integrity, all of these things were JUST as relevant as her obvious lies in claiming to have had no sexual relations with anyone else for a week prior to the ‘attack’ whereas the DNA testing (unlawfully concealed from the defense by conspirators Nifong, Meehan, and two investigators from the Durham PD) clearly indicated her lack of veracity.

    Just as accused have a right to be confronted by their accusers, in cases like this the accusers name should be revealed…just like those of the accused.

    What’s sauce for the ganders is clearly appropriate sauce for the goose as well, particularly one that appears to be a wild goose indeed…..

    George Hanshaw (ec4bb9)

  44. Sorry, that should have been name of the ACCUSER…

    my bad.

    George Hanshaw (ec4bb9)

  45. George, I agree wholeheartedly. I doubt I’m alone in eagerly awaiting our host’s forthcoming explanation of why he believes people who falsely claim to be rape victims should be entitled to anonymity even when the real victims are not. P’s a smart guy, so I’m sure there’s some intelligent rationale behind it, I’d just be damned if I knew what it was.

    Xrlq (f52b4f)

  46. As it turns out, I don’t want to explain it at length, because I don’t want my actions to be the topic of debate. Suffice it to say that, regardless of whether I agree with X in the abstract — and regardless of the merits of the argument in this case — and I don’t want to create a bad precedent, or cause people to think I’m creating a bad precedent, given statutory restrictions on prosecutors in California. I’ll elaborate to X more in an e-mail.

    Patterico (a8fa4a)

  47. Fair enough, there’s a time and place for everything, and a better than average case to be made that a prosecutor’s blog is neither.

    Xrlq (f52b4f)

  48. Anyone interested enough in stories like the Duke scandal should read the books “Spreading Misandry” and “Leagalizing Misandry”, both by Paul Nathanson and Katerine K. Young.

    The reader will find that cultural bias against men is reaching such epidemic intensity in America and Canada as well, that basic individual freedoms all of us have enjoyed are under serious attack.

    Dennis Kinnan (47233d)

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