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Happy New Year

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Best wishes to all my readers for a happy 2007.

23 Responses to “Happy New Year”

  1. And Happy New Year to you and your family.Really do appreciate your Blog read it every day Thanks Tom

    Tom Stinchcomb (f2ba66)

  2. Happy New Year, Pat to you and yours. Fair winds and following seas.

    paul from fl (967602)

  3. happy new year.
    in the chinese astrological tradition, 2007 will be the year of the fire pig, but it doesn’t start for another 45 days or so.
    ok, how many of you folks are hung over this morning? bright-eyed and bushy-tailed here.

    assistant devil's advocate (1fce25)

  4. Happy New Year and Best Wishes,

    Laura (ee9fe2)

  5. Happy New Year!

    I only had two drinks last night – no hangover here ada. ‘Watched Eddie Izzard’s hilarious Circle last night.

    Psyberian, the Infuriating (490f62)

  6. Happy New Year, Patterico, to you and all your family, and my fellow commenters.

    Anwyn (a130c1)

  7. Happy New Year to Pat, his family, and all who participate here. Many thanks for an outstanding blog.

    Stu707 (5b299c)

  8. Happy New Year Patterico. I always enjoy visiting your blog.

    Andrew (2add0a)

  9. I wish you the best New Year that will bring you health, happiness, success, and all that is good in 2007.

    Layla (422c87)

  10. And what better way to start the New Year than to read these 37 pages of Love for Lieberman.

    David Ehrenstein (7a0a1d)

  11. David E.,

    I guess we’ll have to take your word for it that the comments responding to Sen. Lieberman’s recent op-ed are classic liberal “Love” because they certainly aren’t reasoned debate.

    DRJ (51a774)

  12. When someone insults your intelligence “reasoned debate” is not called for.

    David Ehrenstein (7a0a1d)

  13. When someone such as Liberman insults your intelligence “reasoned debate” is uncalled for.

    David Ehrenstein (7a0a1d)

  14. This vanity war was built on lies told to us by a former alcohol and cocaine abuser who, for whatever dark Freudian reasons, wanted to show his father up. By the end of January over 3,000 decent service men and women will have died because of this foolish little man. Were you, the Bubble Boy in the White House, and all of the other Chickenhawks who set things in motion with no risk to themselves forced to go live in the Green Zone in Baghdad this war would be over in 48 hours. Tell me of your sacrifices for this war, Joe. Tell me what you are denying yourself to futher the war effort. Last month the Bush twins partyied their merry ways through South America, Bush II urged us all to spend big for Christmas, and Dick Cheney went hunting with his rich friends. While they did so men and women died. Shame on you all.

    An example of insulted “intelligence”

    Harry Arthur (b318a5)

  15. i hate lieberman more than anybody else in the u.s. senate except for mccain.

    assistant devil's advocate (4b18e1)

  16. Well, we agree on McCain.

    Patterico (906bfc)

  17. David E. #12:

    When someone such as Liberman

    [sic] insults your intelligence “reasoned debate” is uncalled for.
    I think there are two alternatives for debate in the blog world: We can engage in reasoned debate, or we can “agree to disagree” and forego debate. It seems you applaud a third option – a snarky or profane soliloquy – but what good does that do?

    DRJ (51a774)

  18. my legally blind and hard-of-hearing great-aunt bought five grand of those lincoln savings junk bonds disguised as certificates of deposit. then, before the keating five scandal broke, she cashed them in! in the clear? not quite.
    lincoln savings’ parent company, american continental corporation, filed bankruptcy. in bankruptcy law there’s something called “voidable preference” where the trustee can go back in time six months and sue payees of the bankrupt debtor during that period. the trustee sued my great-aunt (as well as a lot of other folks, mostly seniors) to get back that five grand which lincoln savings swindled out of her in the first place.
    the file passed from my great-aunt, to my mom, to the first lawyer in the history of our family – me. i was in santa rosa, and the case was in the federal court in tucson, before the honorable richard bilby (my kind of judge). i wasn’t a member of the arizona bar, i could have gotten in on a pro hac vice, but i really didn’t want to go all the way to tucson, so i wrote a loooong letter to the judge (parts of which were excerpted in the orange county register). judge bilby dismissed the case against the voidable preference defendants, commenting at the hearing that “only the lawyers will benefit from this.”
    two weeks later i got a call from a woman in san diego. first thing she asked “do you hear that noise?”
    there was a slight buzzing, so i said “it sounds like bees.”
    she said no, it was a whole conference room full of lawyers giving me a standing ovation. they had waited a long time for someone from, or on behalf of their class of clients to write something like that. i can’t honestly say my letter influenced the outcome, i suspect post hoc ergo propter hoc, but it was still a good feeling.
    john mccain was one of five corrupt senators who took money from charles keating to create this situation. our own alan cranston lost his job over that, but mccain survived, principally by cloaking himself in the anodyne mantle of campaign finance “reform”. when someone in my family gets hurt, it’s a personal grudge, which is a lot more powerful than a political disagreement. if it looks like he’s gonna get the nomination in 2008, i’m coming back out of my burrow with another letter, maybe even going on tv, to tell america why this corrupt knave is unfit to be our president.

    assistant devil's advocate (4b18e1)

  19. I know both of the Keating prosecutors. (And before you blame them, remember that 1) Ito is the one who screwed up the instructions; and 2) the federal courts got the facts grievously wrong.) They have told me stories about prosecuting him. He was and is a bad guy.

    By the way, my Year in Review is up. Have fun.

    Patterico (906bfc)

  20. “He was and is a bad guy.”

    “He” being Keating or McCain? Or both?

    DRJ (51a774)

  21. I meant Keating.

    Patterico (906bfc)

  22. What are you doing on this thread anyway? Go read the Year in Review!

    Patterico (906bfc)

  23. I’m on my way. I wanted to say something intelligent about Keating or McCain but all I could think of was snark.

    DRJ (51a774)

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