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Tim Johnson in Critical Condition

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Democrat Senator Tim Johnson is in critical condition after emergency brain surgery.

Best wishes to Sen. Johnson and his family. I hope he has a full recovery.

18 Responses to “Tim Johnson in Critical Condition”

  1. Our prayers are with Sen Johnson. The politics can be put on hold for now.


    Ray Simpson (ffddf3)

  2. i hope he makes it, for more than one reason.
    from the picture, it looked like they needed a special scalpel to cut through his hair before they could operate on his brain.

    assistant devil's advocate (d131cd)

  3. What #$%^ ‘s your problem, ada? Have you ever sat outside an operating room or intensive care unit and watched family maembers trying to cope with a critically ill loved one?

    nk (bfc26a)

  4. This isn’t a time for snark.

    Tim Johnson deserves our support, as one fellow human to another.

    steve miller (0fb51f)

  5. i confess to being a snarky, grinchy curmudgeon about 99.9% of the time. feel free to flame me.

    assistant devil's advocate (d131cd)

  6. I have listened to the audio of the Sen having his stroke, damn creepy.

    paul from fl (967602)

  7. He realy ought to take it easy this could be cuased by over straigning himslef

    krazy kagu (d25348)

  8. ada: You’re not worth the price of a match.

    Old Coot (caf903)

  9. Everyone should pray for Johnson.

    Lord Nazh (285c90)

  10. How many of the Dems would be praying if it was President Bush or VP Cheney?

    50% at the most!!!!

    rab (c6d33e)

  11. How about dingy Harry Reed after he sat at his side for hours, coming out with “He looks great.”

    Watch the Democrat media machine have all kinds of descriptions saying “Tim Johnson is almost back to normal!” He’s fine and holding very important conversations with Hillary Clinton and Oboma.”

    I wonder if Terri Schiavo had been a Democrat, if the media and lefist front runners would have demanded that she die in dignity? Just worth thinking about.

    Mick Gregory (846533)

  12. The sad thing is that the Dems seem to only be concerned with their majority in the Senate. Prayers for his family. I have been exposed to a great many people who have stroked out, and there are so many variables that occur. The bleed is one of the worst. An occlusion can be taken care of pretty easily now a days, but a bleed…that causes a heck of alot more issues from pressure on the brain, to nedrotization of the brain due to bloods caustic nature. And if he does make it, the rehab is long and frustrating. I only hope that if there are deficits, that they are minor and not debilitating.

    Hosedragger (c26d4a)

  13. It doesn’t matter how many of them would be praying if it was Bush, Cheney or any other Conservative. Do you really want to lower yourself to their level? That is an ugly way to lower yourself to. As Conservatives, we are better than that, and we know that we contribute to more charities and actually care about people and not just for photo ops and exposure. We do it because it is the right thing to do.

    Hosedragger (c26d4a)

  14. Republicans do care and give more to charities. And far more Republicans believe in God. But the Democrats are going to stall on replacing Johnson for many months and keep control of the Senate agenda.

    Mick Gregory (846533)

  15. Hosedragger…you and Mick Gregory are a couple of Pharisees. You’ve said your prayers in public, and received the only reward you’re going to get.

    In case you all forgot, Dick Cheney had a couple of major heart surgeries; did you hear Dems crowing for his demise in that situation?

    Maybe you did…but you probably didn’t.

    I didn’t.

    Leviticus (ebf019)

  16. Pharasee? Hardly. Maybe you should look up the definition of Christian and what Jesus and GOd tells you to do for your enemies.

    Again, I don’t care that they are childish, immature hypocrites when it comes to the health and welfare of my fellow man. They will reap what they sow. I am better than that and will not lower myself to their level. THis is a human life, not a playing piece. Maybe if you had ever seen such things up close and personal, you would feel differently, but for someone using a book of the Bible as a nick name, I would think you would be able to show some Christian, if not God like compassion.

    Hosedragger (c26d4a)

  17. […] Patterico: Best wishes to Sen. Johnson and his family. I hope he has a full recovery. […]

    Right Wing Nation (9f568a)

  18. How lame. This is one of the best conservative blogs and we are trying to be truthful here. I had an uncle who died of a stroke that seems similar. He could open his eyes and respond to talk and hugs. But he wasted away and died in 10 days. But I’m sure that this Senator will be kept on life support for months so that the Democrats don’t have to give up their all-important committee chairmanships.

    It will be fun to watch the glowing medical reports, while we never see any video.

    Mick Gregory (846533)

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