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Over Three Million Served

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The blog topped 3,000,000 visits today.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that 3,000,000 separate people have seen it. As I understand it, a “unique visitor” is a metric that measures each visit from an IP address that hasn’t been used to access the page in the last 30 minutes. So if, over the course of eight hours, you visit every hour for 10 minutes, looking at five pages each time, that’s 8 unique visits, 40 page views . . . and one person.

So how many different people are represented in that 3,000,000? I have no idea. Do any of you have a guess?

I’m thinking 3,000,000 visitors is probably like 20 of you, coming back here time and time again to yell at each other in the comments. (I’m exaggerating, of course, but you get the idea.)

Well, whatever it means, thanks for reading.

19 Responses to “Over Three Million Served”

  1. Congratulations, Patterico, on reaching the mega milestone. When will Pajamas or some other blog syndicate pick you up?

    Bradley J. Fikes (19f52f)

  2. If you go by me, divide by ten.

    nk (4cd0c2)

  3. I suspect McDonalds® will be after you for use of their “over 3 million served.” It has, of course, been decades since they had served only 3 million. Maybe you’re safe… if there are any doubts go to their drive thru and spill some hot coffee on your lap. That should scare them away. Won’t do much for you of course…

    allan (412eaf)

  4. And, thank you for providing the forum, enforcing decorum, and allowing free expression. It’s rare and much appreciated. May you live long and prosper.

    mokus (b705f5)

  5. I’ve probably contributed about 100 of your 3 million, since I haven’t been here long. But keep it up and I will contribute a lot more page views in the future.

    OC Chuck (7c374c)

  6. I’m your avid reader for the past 8 months and I would like to take this opprtunity to post my first comment in your blog.

    More power!

    I’m from Philippines.

    Trosp (c2cccd)

  7. I have no good reason for reading this blog, except it’s entertaining, kind of like South Park.

    Christoph (9824e6)

  8. I’ll hit you about 3 times a day–on weekdays. Maybe 0 or 1 time on weekends.

    If everybody is like me, you’re down to a million or so readers.

    The LA Dog Trainer envies you!

    ManlyDad (d62cf6)

  9. If everybody is like me, you’re down to a million or so readers.

    Yeah . . . divided by about 3, divided again by 365.

    Since I’ve been on SiteMeter for about 3 years, and there are 365 days in each year.

    So now, if each reader is like you, I’m down to 913 regular readers.

    And the Dog Trainer crows!

    Patterico (de0616)

  10. I remember when the McDonalds sign said 500,000. No kidding. All it had was a stainless steel counter. God, I’m old.

    CraigC (1465f4)

  11. Pat, is it counting your visits? :)

    At any rate, my site has served over 30,000 — which means my site is at least 1% as good as yours!

    Dana (3e4784)

  12. I’m #217.

    Old Coot (caf903)

  13. Thanks for having us!

    Darkmage (c20107)

  14. Congrats!

    Best Regards,


    stevesh (182135)

  15. To me it looks like about 2200-2700 regular visitor equivalents. This means 4000 more than occasional visitors vs. maybe 300 at 10 hits per day hard core regulars.

    [Interesting. How do you arrive at those numbers? — P]

    RJN (e12f22)

  16. This blog is one of the ones I click to almost every day. Always good stuff to read here. Congrats on your milestone!

    LoafingOaf (71415b)

  17. Patterico:

    I thought it would be interesting to look into, and try to estimate what site meter counts really say. I checked the site meters on some of the blogs that I frequent, and some I go to now and then. I checked the comments quantities on sites that have comments, and where I have an idea of the changing of the guard on comments.

    I put this into my weighting engine – I am a retired engineer and did a lot of estimating in the late ’50s, and ’60s and ’70s which resulted in my developing a weighing engine (in my head); maybe everyone has one – and nudged numbers around until they weighted what I wrote.

    RJN (e12f22)

  18. By using a special formula developed for Reuters to use in estimating sizes of Lebanese muslim crowds and extropolating this to your “hits” – I conclude that the number of people reading your blogs is 7,245,832. (Plus or minus .02%)

    George (d12c3e)

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