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Patterico on Pundit Review Radio

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I will be on Pundit Review Radio this evening at about 8:20 p.m. Eastern, 5:20 p.m. Pacific, discussing the L.A. Times story on the Ramadi “airstrike.”

You can listen live by going here.

UPDATE: Just got off the phone. I had a great time, as always, and I thank the Pundit Review guys for having me on. I especially enjoyed talking to Tom Blumer, who gave me the original tip on this story. I’m told there will be an archived version up, perhaps later tonight. I’ll make sure and link that once it becomes available.

UPDATE x2: The show is archived here.

One Response to “Patterico on Pundit Review Radio”

  1. WRKO Boston:

    “[Patterico] just brought you a whole lot of truth that the new media didnt.”

    Great job, Patterico.

    DRJ (8b9d41)

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