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Hiltzik-Bashing from Mary K.

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On his L.A. Times-sponsored blog, Michael Hiltzik once described Mary Katharine Ham as “a twentysomething Georgia grad who received postgraduate training in vacuous sarcasm from the Heritage Foundation.” Hiltzik added, for good measure:

I don’t know if Ham grew up as a trust fund baby in North Carolina, but if not, she’s sure learned to talk the talk.

Mary K. is engaging in a little delayed schadenfreude today. I mean, “realism.”

UPDATE: Spelling of Mary K.’s middle name corrected. Thanks to jeff.

12 Responses to “Hiltzik-Bashing from Mary K.”

  1. Ouch! That’s gonna leave a mark.

    Old Coot (caf903)

  2. Hiltzik isn’t just a hack who posts sockpuppet praise of himself. He’s a touchy, thin-skinned jerk. I had an exchange with him last spring. It ended up being pretty funny as he went on and on e-mailing somebody who was a nobody (me) when he should have had more important things to do. He really has a problem.

    Mike K (dfe6aa)

  3. She’s funny. Payback on pompous clowns is always fun, especially when it involves hammering them with their own words.

    Side note, the 2005 vs. 2006 headlines and ledes for the various papers really make her point undeniable. Tone and groupthink are undeniable.

    TimesDisliker (da5b1c)

  4. (in best Johnny Carson impression voice)

    …Mmmmm, that’s good schadenfreude!!

    qdpsteve (cd214a)

  5. It’s Mary Katharine.

    jeff (f3a417)

  6. i didn’t have to leave my home to learn vacuous sarcasm!

    assistant devil's advocate (9bd4a9)

  7. How long before Mikekoshi comes in to defend Hiltzik? Oh wait, never mind.

    JVW (255a81)

  8. Hey, it was in fact realism, not schadenfreude.

    Mikekoshi (ae92b0)

  9. I concur with Mikekoshi’s expert opinion, which is the same as my own, although we are not, I repeat not, the same person.

    Nofanofcablecos (ae92b0)

  10. It is indeed heartening to see all these people, myself included, and I am not either of the previous two, I swear, to come to Michael Hiltzik’s defense.

    Again, I am not Michael Hiltzik or Nofanofcablecos or Mikekoshi. Nope. Never seen them before in my life.

    Hichael Miltzik (ae92b0)

  11. Too bad Hiltzik is right on this one, but for different reasons:

    In language reeking with hatred, Heritage Foundation TownHall readers impolitely informed me that opposing the invasion of Iraq is identical to opposing America, that Bush is the greatest American leader in history and everyone who disagrees with him should be shot before they cause America to lose another war.

    TownHall’s readers were sufficiently frightening to convince the Heritage Foundation to stop posting my columns. [Contact Heritage]

    Bush’s conservative supporters want no debate. They want no facts, no analysis. They want to denounce and to demonize the enemies that the Hannitys, Limbaughs, and Savages of talk radio assure them are everywhere at work destroying their great and noble country.

    I remember when conservatives favored restraint in foreign policy and wished to limit government power in order to protect civil liberties.

    Today’s young conservatives are Jacobins determined to use government power to impose their will at home and abroad.

    Where did such “conservatives” come from?

    Mary Katherine is one such “conservative.” Y’all should know better.

    petit bourgeois (ee1d60)

  12. Right on, petit. You tell ’em. And I am not, repeat NOT, related in any way whatsoever to Mikekoshi, Nofanofcablecos or Hichael Miltzik.

    I swear.

    Mychal Hyltzyyk (56479d)

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