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See-Dubya: Dean Baquet To Leave LA Times

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(A post by occasional guest blogger See-Dubya; to be cross-posted at Junkyard Blog.)

Straight from the horses’ mouth: the Editor of the L.A. Times is cleaning out his office. He wouldn’t agree to further staff cuts, but the publisher insisted on them.

We now take you back to your regularly scheduled election freakout. If you’re like me you’ve taken everything you’ve heard with so many grains of salt that your blood pressure is redlining.

See-Dub, over and out.

UPDATE FROM PATTERICO: I posted a post of my own breaking the news, not realizing that See Dubya had already done so.

Just so there is no confusion about where to comment, I’m closing comments here. Leave your comments on my post.

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  1. […] UPDATE: This was posted from my Treo. I didn’t know that See Dubya had already broken the news below. Ah well. I’m closing comments on his post; you can comment here. […]

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