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Gitmo Interrogations Optional

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Many Americans may be surprised to hear that interrogations at Gitmo are now optional. (Via Allahpundit, in a fascinating post with a link to Fox News’s Steve Harrigan getting waterboarded.) But I don’t think it will come as a great surprise to those who read my series with Stashiu, the Army nurse who was stationed at Gitmo. Remember what Stashiu said about interrogations:

For some, they eagerly await days until “reservation” (interrogation) and there are frequently requests to see their interrogator. This is why I said that some fear to return home or they would be killed as traitors. They get to smoke (sometimes 4 or 5 packs at once, uggh!), watch new-release DVDs that have been screened by Intel so they don’t get current events, eat pizza or fast-food, listen to music, smoke a hooka, etc…. The better stuff they give up, the more the interrogators get for them. All of this has been previously released to the public, but you never hear about it in the MSM.

It’s optional, but I suspect some of the detainees are still opting to participate.

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