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High School Reunion

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So I went to my 20th high school reunion last night. It was fun to see the folks. Earlier in the day we got to meet some of their children.

I went to school with a lot of these people since first grade.

There’s one guy I hadn’t seen in 20 years, but I still remember his birthday, because we were best friends in third grade.

Another friend’s father recently passed away well before his time. I remember spending the night at this friend’s house in second grade, the day after a famous coin trade in which my friend traded three shiny 1943 steel war pennies (worth about a dollar) to another friend of ours for a Morgan silver dollar worth about ten dollars. His mom was saying that they should force him to reverse the trade; the dad was saying no way — the trade was fair and square.

One guy had Googled most of us (there were only 59 people in my graduating class) and had found this blog. He said it was “out of control.” I didn’t get a chance to ask what he meant.

Now we’re off to meet the daughter of my best friend. His first name is the same as mine, and his daughter’s name is the same as my daughter’s.

I got to see my nephew drumming in a band yesterday for the first time. He’s good. So is his band.

We’ve been having good times. If you’ve noticed I haven’t been posting much, that’s why.


Another Outing

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There’s been another outing. This time, it’s the guy who wrote the Stop Sex Predators blog. Allah reports and puts it perfectly:

Turns out he’s a nonpartisan activist who’s been studying pedophiles for years, and whose research has led to the arrest of no fewer than two dozen child molesters.

Nah, just kidding. He’s a former Democratic staffer.

I’ll answer the inevitable questions before it comes: does this make it wrong for Foley to have been exposed? Not if he was going after under-age kids. Still, it’s good to have the full picture — and to know that, despite what the papers say, Republicans aren’t the only folks engaged in “opposition research.”


And the Candidate Once Used the “F” Word!!!

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Via Dan Riehl, in the wake of the Webb story from last night, now a Democrat is going after a Republican for writing smut.

This is pretty silly stuff, folks.

In Which I Impersonate a DKossack or DUer

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More than five years after September 11, 2001, officials are still finding human remains at Ground Zero, and are recommending that the search expand to nearby areas.

With an election coming up, I question the timing.


Bombshell: Webb Novel Contains Fictional Passage Depicting Character Doing Something Illegal and Disgusting

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The latest big bombshell in the Webb-Allen race is that Webb wrote a novel containing a scene that depicts a man performing oral sex on a young boy.

Let’s stipulate that such practices are illegal and disgusting. However, this is a novel. All sorts of odd things happen in novels. Creative people need freedom to let their imaginations run wild without having people assuming that every fictional scene is an expression of their internal desires.

Allah makes good points:

It’s an odd little vignette, to be sure, but the other characters seem as mystified by it as the reader is. The story’s about Vietnam; maybe he’s describing some obscure cultural practice that he encountered there. Or, just maybe, he made it up. Have we actually reached the point where Senate seats now turn on the sex scandals of fictional characters?

And also:

If George Allen had written this book, not only would the left be going berserk, they’d be circulating lists of characters in his other books whom they suspect of being gay.

Indeed to both.

Tell Us About Yourselves

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In May of last year I asked readers to tell us a little something about themselves, including: city, country, age, gender, educational background, profession, hobbies, how you define yourselves politically, your favorite sites, and something interesting about yourself — especially something most people don’t know.

We have some new readers now, so it might be a good time to add to that thread. Go to the post and leave a comment, even if you usually don’t comment.


Gay Marriage Decision

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I haven’t read the New Jersey gay marriage opinion. I’ve just been too busy with other things (including finishing Michael Connelly’s excellent “Echo Park”). And I don’t comment on judicial opinions that I haven’t read. Suffice it to say that I agree with the policy, but (based on previous similar efforts by other courts) I rather doubt I’d agree with the opinion — though I can’t know for sure without reading it.

Anyway, consider this an open thread on the topic.

What Is Wrong With You People?

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Someone reached this blog by searching for “Kirsten Powers + nude.”

Weirdest thing: this blog is the top result for that search.

Sorry guys. I don’t have it.

iowahawk on Calame

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iowahawk lampoons Byron Calame’s mea culpa, including its placement under something about perfume critics. It’s funny even before you start reading it. Just the top graphic of the post is priceless.

Lithwick: How Dare Scalia Call Legal Reporting Bad, Just Because Mine Is

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Dahlia Lithwick is upset at Antonin Scalia and company for pointing out that legal reporting is often inaccurate. Whines Lithwick:

[I]f anything, the Supreme Court press corps is hypercautious in its attention to legal detail at the expense of sensationalism . . . [T]he claim that we are too careless to read opinions and too sloppy to report cases is gratuitous and wrong; it describes neither the reality of legal reporting nor the general legal readership.

Sorry, Ms. Lithwick, but that describes you to a “T.” To see why, browse through what I have said about you on this very blog.

Lithwick says:

And if they have specific suggestions for how legal journalists can do a better job, most of us are eager to hear them.

One word, Ms. Lithwick: honesty.

Give it a shot. For once.

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