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You Have the Right Not to Blog, and to the Presence of An Attorney During Any Blogging

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Anything you blog about can and will be used against you in a court of law.

(Via Howard.)

8 Responses to “You Have the Right Not to Blog, and to the Presence of An Attorney During Any Blogging”

  1. That’s fine. You’re responsible for whatever you say and do wherever you say and do it.

    I have a blog… I’m mindful that I can’t break the law on it and that anyone may make judgements of my character based on what I say there… or anywhere else.

    Christoph (9824e6)

  2. I suppose my personal rules for email would also apply to blogs: never write anything in an email that you don’t want the whole world to know you wrote. Usually tends at the very least to remind me to at least attempt to be civil.

    Harry Arthur (5af33b)

  3. a lot of blogsuits will turn out to involve protected speech (in the article, a man in maine was sued for criticizing the work of an ad agency for the state tourism office).
    here in oregon, our own state tourism office came up with its own stinker a year or two back, at the cost of, as i recall, $275,000.
    “oregon: we love dreamers”
    yecch! i have a constitutional right to say that that slogan really sucks, and $275,000 for it sounds like highway robbery to me.

    assistant devil's advocate (22b4fd)

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  5. “oregon: we love dreamers”

    Are they saying that the state puts you to sleep? (Not in the assisted-suicide sense, though I suppose that would work too.)

    If there’s any consolation, ADA, just remember that slogan, as awful as it is, cost you and your fellow Oregonians less than New Jersey’s tourist board spent on THEIR slogan, “New Jersey: Come See for Yourself”. That slogan makes me say, “Do I have to?”

    John Barrett Jr. (ea8aed)

  6. I see where the UN wants to monitor the internet and regulate what you can see and frankly its time to tell the stinkin UN get SHOVE IT and that gose for that rotten KoFFI ANNAN as well

    krazy kagu (7c8404)

  7. ….You have a right to your own sockpuppet. If you cannot afford the heavy black mustache/eyebrows, and banjo, the court will provide them for you….Do you understand this statement?

    Big Bang Hunter (9562fb)

  8. It’s pretty clear that if you blog it, then you’ve effectively given up any claim to “an expectation of privacy.”

    Steve B (50cc5c)

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