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NYT: Senate in Play

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Are Larry Sabato’s shifting accusations the key to the Democrats taking over the U.S. Senate? The New York Times thinks it’s a possibility.

9 Responses to “NYT: Senate in Play”

  1. The NYT has said the GOP will lose every other year since 94. It must be nice to couch wishful thinking as news. Although this years race is one of the tightest.

    Bill Maron (ee2ae1)

  2. Sabato has now joined the NYT with a lack of credibility. Most people in Va. don’t like liars and Sabato lied through his teeth about Allen and then did the ‘slow’ crawdad.

    Anyone who lies to you will steal from you. Watch Sabato and anyone he supports from now on.

    I had no intention of voting republican this year because they have folded so often under pressure. Now the democrats have proven they have no agenda other than slander, guess i’ll have to split the vote as usual. Allen will definetly get my vote and support, and I do live in Va and I am a registered voter who votes.

    Scrapiron (71415b)

  3. NYT spin is predictable. The only thing not predictable about this particular instance was the poor timing. If you’re going to run a “news” story reporting that Peggy “Are you now, or have you ever been a Joo” Fox’s badgering has hurt Allen’s ratings and brought the race to a dead heat, you might not want to run it on a day when all the newest polls indicate the opposite.

    Xrlq (f52b4f)

  4. Allen can breathe easily, it seems. The NYTimes, which has been wrong about everything important for quite a while now, thinks he’s in trouble.

    TNugent (6128b4)

  5. More fro,m the New York Manure Spreader the nations most rotten news paper

    krazy kagu (7c8404)

  6. The NYT’s has lost all influrnce with anyone with a brain so they resort to ‘planting’ a seed of doubt to see if it will grow. I’m waiting for the day there in no longer a NYT’s. It’s not far in the future if the bleeding of money don’t stop. Even investor’s have a brain and will pull out of an investment that keeps losing their money. Putting $20,000 in a company and getting back $5,000 isn’t much of an investement, but it is the rate of return for the NYT.

    Scrapiron (a90377)

  7. If the NY Fish Wrapper thinks that the Dems have a shot at taking over the Senate, that doesn’t mean we should stop working for our chosen Republican candidates but we SHOULD be prepared to enjoy the victory dance!

    Gayle Miller (855514)

  8. Geez, enough with the partisanship, guys. You have to realize that — at least for now — both parties suck. . The GOP defends Bush no matter how laughably bad he gets. The Dems are pretty much useless. I’m waiting for a politician who can unite us.

    Steve Slatten (74156c)

  9. Weekend Wingnut Roundup…

    Let’s see – this week Foley the Molester resigned, Bob Woodward rejoined the Reality Based Community, and the otherwise Do Nothing Congress gave the Dear Leader the power to jail you indefinitely without charge. Who’s on first? Ace of Spades…

    AGITPROP: Version 3.0, Featuring Blogenfreude (72c8fd)

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