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More on Allen

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See Dubya has more on George Allen. Are the Allen allegations a smear job or a genuine issue? You be the judge. But one of the main witnesses (Sabato) is looking pretty weaselly.

10 Responses to “More on Allen”

  1. Sabato has appeared on FOX news several times and always seemed to be a common sense person. Now he has let BDS take away all of his credibility. Using third hand rumors as his own words isn’t good for an idiot much less a professor. No longer will any of his words ring true. Another good example of BDS turning to insanity.

    Scrapiron (71415b)

  2. Unless Allen did the things he’s accused of within the last 5 years, it should be irrelevant.

    sharon (dfeb10)

  3. The guy’s been a politican for most of his adult life but only the past five years are open to discussion? His whole term as governor is off-limits?

    Nels Nelson (4a3ac4)

  4. As a Virginian who holds George Allen in very high regard, my opinion is that his entire adult life is open to observation into his character, certainly his entire adult political life. The more recent the observation, the more informative of course.

    What he did at UVA is really immaterial, just as I considered Bill Clinton’s and George Bush’s youthful indiscretions, .e.g., smoking marijuana without inhaling or driving while impaired, beyond the pale of any rational interest.

    Harry Arthur (5af33b)

  5. West Virginia Democrat Senator Robert Byrd—former recruiter for the KKK—must be shakin’ in his white sheet, knowing that the mainstream media and left wing screamers will be coming after him with a pitchfork !

    Oh wait, no they won’t.

    Desert Rat (ee9fe2)

  6. No, Nels Nelson, you’re right. His career as a politician is open to question.

    So, here’s mine:

    Where were all these folks with their accusations of racist behavior when the man ran for Senator six years ago?

    Or when he ran for governor, prior to that?

    All of a sudden, events that occurred twenty years ago gain clarity? WTF?

    Now, I suppose one could claim that it matters more now than it did then. After all, the Senate might actually be in play, and Allen might even have a shot at the Presidency in 2008.

    But be careful with that rationale—after all, that would mean that the Swiftboat vets who stepped forward (named, on the record) might also have a bit of truth to their claims.

    Wouldn’t want to entertain that claim, now would you?

    Lurking Observer (ea88e8)

  7. Dude, I don’t think anyone is particularly scared to admit that there might have been truth to Swift Boat’s claims about Kerry. He brought that upon himself.

    Besides, it’s a bit moot at this point anyway, right?

    Allen’s record can still have an impact on the public.

    Leviticus (3c2c59)

  8. Leviticus:

    The question still stands: Where were these people six years ago, when Allen ran for Senator then? Or when he ran for governor?

    What, it’s okay for racists to run if the Senate’s or governorship’s a foregone conclusion?

    Why do I doubt that very much?

    Lurking Observer (ea88e8)

  9. The democrats have proven over the past couple of years to be totally racist. Now they are trying to prop up their past by sliming someone else. The biggest problem for the democrats is that they have no plans or programs, they don’t even have a clue on what to do to keep America free, The people alive, and the economy growing. We’ll do it better is their stock answer and that claim has worn thin. Most of their actions of the past two years will get hundreds of thousands of Americans killed right here in this country as their action have killed hundred of American soldiers in Iraq, not to mention the thousands of Iraqi deaths they are responsible for. Supporting the terrorists should not be the total program put out and backed by the democratic party. But it is. I shutter when I think that my Children, Grandchildren and Great Grandchilren’s lives might be in the hands of anti-american cowards and outright traitors called democrats.

    Scrapiron (9f37aa)

  10. “The guy’s been a politican for most of his adult life but only the past five years are open to discussion? His whole term as governor is off-limits?”

    No, the point is that if he’d been using racial slurs in the last 5 years it would be indicative of the kind of person he is NOW. What he did at 15 or 20 is irrelevant to who he is at 50, 55, or 60. People change. And most people do and say stupid things when they are young. Just look at the comment about Che T-shirts on a different thread. Should every person who ever bought a Che shirt be excoriated when they’re 55 for something they did at 18? I don’t think so.

    sharon (dfeb10)

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