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Allah Has the Goods, As Usual

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Allah has great stuff for those of us who care whether we’re going to be killed by the terrorists.

First, he has the video of Brian Ross talking about how the U.S. broke KSM with coercive interrogation — and got information that saved the tallest building in the city where I live.

Oh . . . and Ramzi Binalshibh cried like a little girl. [Read the bolded part again, but — in your mind — say it in a cartoonish Austrian accent, a la Arnold Schwarzenegger.]

Terrorists suffer and whimper — just a little — and my city is saved from a major terror attack. Everybody wins.

Except, of course, for the people who say coercive interrogation never works.

Second, a little birdie says to keep a close eye on Hot Air, as Allah has audio of Hamid Mir, the guy who thinks the bastards have gotten a nuclear bomb into the U.S. I’ll put up a link once it’s available. [UPDATE: Here it is.]

It’s like I used to say about Captain Ed’s site: just delete your bookmark to my site and go straight to Hot Air and keep hitting refresh. Save yourself some time, and get some better writing in the process.

2 Responses to “Allah Has the Goods, As Usual”

  1. Contrordine: la tortura funziona…

    Non sarà un bella notizia per i cultori del politically correct, ma su Hot Air potete vedere un video di Brian Ross (di ABC News, non certo un covo di reazionari) che, intervistato da Bill O’Reilly, svela come la tecnica del waterboarding (i dettagli…

    The Right Nation (59ce3a)

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