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Allah Blasts Editor-in-Chief of Editor & Publisher on Reutersgate

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The editor-in-chief of Editor & Publisher has come out with a piece about Reutersgate so weaselly that Allah says “we may be dealing with someone whose disingenuousness is of Greenwaldian proportions.”


Allah’s lengthy and compelling response should be published in full in Editor & Publisher. But, of course, it won’t be.

P.S. I had a little piece about the trustworthiness of Editor & Publisher just the other day.

6 Responses to “Allah Blasts Editor-in-Chief of Editor & Publisher on Reutersgate”

  1. Hot Air Takes on MSM Windbag…

    Editor …

    Suitably Flip (72c8fd)

  2. Greg Mitchell is a hippie clown. Guy never even worked at a newspaper. Wrote a column a few months ago saying that reporters had a journalistic duty to stop the war/bring down Bush. Blah, blah, blah.

    Some dude (cf3573)

  3. “Any one out there who is trying to politicize that is just plain sick, and is moving this further away from the real issue at hand. There are hundreds of photographers working here now. Don’t let a few bad apples take the attention away from what the REAL story is, because by the looks of the blogs, THAT is exactly what is happening.”

    Actually, the “few bad apples” are the REAL story, because the REAL story is that readers can no longer trust what newspaper photographers tell them is “the truth.”

    sharon (63d8f8)

  4. It’s a lot more that just the trustworthiness of Editor and Publisher. More than just a few bad apples, it’s big, very big. This one’s not only going to leave a mark, MSM’s going to carry this load for a long, long, time.

    Check out Michell Malkin’s, “The Great Ambulance Hoax or All your fakes are belong to us.”

    Or go directly to Zombie for “The Red Cross Ambulance Incident: How the Media Legitimized an Anti-Israeli Fraud and Changed the Course of the War.”

    Black Jack (5e3718)

  5. I like the closing paragraph of the second article. And I quote:

    “Our viewers are smart and know when they’re being fed crap”

    That’s the only correct sentence in either article.

    Actual (a14d43)

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