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Nazi Cartoons — The Updated Version

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Compare this cartoon (from a modern newspaper) to these cartoons (from Nazi-era Germany).

And the difference is?

26 Responses to “Nazi Cartoons — The Updated Version”

  1. I really don’t see what the gigantic deal is with this cartoon.

    It isn’t like there’s really any other national symbol for Israel apart from the Magen David – they don’t have their own John Bull or Uncle Sam or anything, and that’s the design of their flag.

    So how else is one supposed to graphically represent the country? By drawing a picture of Ehud Olmert? That wouldn’t work out so well, either, I suspect.

    This is one of the problems with being a religious identity-based state. It becomes difficult to separate out criticisms of the nation from the religion. And while I definitely think that a lot of “damn Israelis” sentiment becomes “those damned JOOOS,” I don’t know if that is the case here.

    So, until someone can show me something that indicates that the cartoonist was making the latter statement, and not merely the former, I’m not going to get all worked up over this.

    Angry Clam (a7c6b1)

  2. But it is funny how the loony left (as in this cartoon) and the nutty right (Pat Buchanan’s “Capitol Hill is Isreali-occupied territory”) have resentment of Israel in common.

    nk (947b03)

  3. I forget which sketch comedy show it was, but there was some news report with a punch line that went like this:

    “The KKK hates Jews. The Nation of Islam hates Jews. It’s nice to see them working together on something!”

    Angry Clam (fa7fff)

  4. First cartoon showing hte US locked up by the Star looked accurate to me. The US neo-con dog IS wagged by the Israeli tail. That a stupid civil servant DA runs this site is just an example of how pathetic the Criminal Justice system is. Maybe Patterico is going to run for DA and wants to enlist BH money? I think I smell a candidate.

    [Nonsense. And can the personal attacks, or you’ll be banned. — P]

    David Brown (797ae8)

  5. Patrick:

    Enlighten us, O Wise One! as to the different ways those of us who love Jews but are critical of Israel can engage in discussion without being acussed of anti-Semitism?

    What symbols are we allowed to use? Any special words? What should we avoid?

    I could see avoiding pictures of giant fat men with Stars of Davids and dollar signs on their shirts – or pictures of a fat, big-nosed, Star of David wearing “landlord” with money falling into his pockets… I wouldn’t choose those particular images. Fortunately, the cartoonist who is responsible for the Uncle Sam/Star of David Crucifiction pic that you’re so upset with avoided those images as well…

    The Star of David is a universally recognized symbol for Israel. I’ll let you in on a secret: it actually appears on Israel’s FLAG!

    Uncle Sam getting tangled in a Star of David shaped stock or crucifix?

    Come on – the grownups here understand that the message there has nothing to do with anti-Semitism… Why do you pretend not to understand?

    The Liberal Avenger (5f0af6)

  6. P.S. Did you really get “outed” or is that story bullshit? I always assumed that “Patterico” was a nickname for Patrick… If people acted to subsequently “out” you then that is lame. Unfortunately it is also something you yourself are guilty of. Glass houses, and all…

    [I have neither been outed nor outed another. I have seen claims that I have complained about being “outed,” and that I have outed someone. These claims are all untrue. I have seen claims that I have “minions” investigating certain lefty bloggers. Again, untrue. I have seen plenty of other nonsense that is untrue. Don’t believe everything you see on liberal blogs. And I’d appreciate it if you’d lay off the personal attacks — in particular, the ones that aren’t true. — P]

    The Liberal Avenger (5f0af6)

  7. Hey, Patterico, quit pointing out the cartoon similarities. The old ones are off copyright now, you know, and you don’t wanna put my guys outta work, do you?

    Cartoon Guild Boss (f9de13)

  8. The Star of David is a universally recognized symbol of Judaism.

    The Star of David by itself is not a symbol of Israel. Only an Israeli flag would be considered a symbol of Israel. The cartoonist could easily have incorporated the other elements of the Israeli flag (i.e. two parallel bars) if his intention were to criticize Israel. Many cartoonists provide explicit labels for symbols that could be otherwise misinterpreted.

    aunursa (1b5bad)

  9. Enlighten us, O Wise One! as to the different ways those of us who love Jews but are critical of Israel can engage in discussion without being acussed of anti-Semitism?

    This question is easily and repeatedly answered in my essay: Is criticism of Israel labeled anti-Semitism? $100 Challenge.

    aunursa (1b5bad)

  10. anti-semitism and anti-zionism aren’t the same thing. the modern cartoon accurately depicted uncle sam’s somewhat slavish devotion to israeli interests over his own interests. for me, israel is not a sacred cow immune from criticism, and the threat of being called anti-semitic will not quail me into silence. for the record, i’d like to see cartoonists be harder on the muslims too. some of us worry too much about offending certain groups. images of mohammed are fair game, and violent protestors should be met with overwhelming violence.

    assistant devil's advocate (389c75)

  11. anti-semitism and anti-zionism aren’t the same thing

    Yes, they are

    Imagine someone saying that he seeks the destruction of Italy because he regards Italian national identity as racist. Further, imagine that this person constantly denies being anti-Italian, because he does not hate all Italians, only Italy and all those who believe Italy should exist.
    Now substitute “Jewish” for “Italian” and “Israel” for “Italy” and you understand the absurdity of the argument that one can be anti-Zionist but not anti-Jewish.

    Among the many lies that permeate the modern world, none is greater — or easier to refute — than the claim that Zionism is not an integral part of Judaism or the claim that anti-Zionism is unrelated to antisemitism.

    Darleen (03346c)

  12. Criticism of Israel is not necessarily anti-Semitism. But rejecting Israel’s legitimacy or right to exist as a Jewish state is anti-Semitism.

    aunursa (1b5bad)

  13. Criticism of Israel or any particular Israeli policy is not anti-semitism. Israel is a democracy and even its own citizens are critical of one policy or another.

    However, the anti-zionism perfidy is anti-semitic as it is rejection of a Jewish national identity.

    Darleen (03346c)

  14. Criticism of Israel may be anti-Semitism if (a) the critic singles out Israel and is silent of dismissive of equal or far worse actions by other nations, especially Israel’s neighbors, or (b) if the criticism ignores the circumstances surrounding the Israeli policy or action (e.g. condemning ambulance searches while remaining silent of the use of ambulances as transportion for terrorists and bombs.)

    aunursa (1b5bad)

  15. Aunursa

    Agreed. Holding Israel to a different standard than one holds other countries is fully indicative of anti-semitism.

    I pointed out that a particular blogger at Pandagon was functionally anti-semitic for ranting about evil Israel’s actions in Lebanon, without ONCE ever mentioning Hezbollah or how Israel came to be in Lebanon in the first place — and OH did I get the “how dare you” shrieks.

    Then we get the “anti-Israel/anti-American” demonstrations in Frisco and Washington DC, and the MSM deliberately avoids the plethora of anti-semitic signs.

    But let’s not dare call ’em anti-semites or question their patriotism!

    Darleen (03346c)

  16. Agreed. Just don’t call it Frisco.

    You may be interested in noting my $100 Challenge from comment #9.

    aunursa (1b5bad)

  17. Just don’t call it Frisco.

    You would prefer SanFran?


    Hey, I’m from El-Lay, so I enjoy tweaking my northern brethren (#4 daughter is a sophmore at SFSU, too)

    Darleen (03346c)

  18. if italy attacked switzerland and engaged in the same kind of disproportionate killing we’re seeing in israel v. lebanon, i would condemn it with equal harshness. if it cavalierly blew up without our permission a 48 million dollar installation insured by our government, as israel did in gaza, i would be just as quick to demand indemnity.
    i support israel’s right to exist. i do not support the “right” of a client state to act with such capricious disregard of the interests of its major patron. since i’m helping to pay for this, i have a role in directing the outcome, just like i do with my plumbers and electricians.

    assistant devil's advocate (389c75)

  19. ADA

    Israel attacked Lebanon?

    What ARE you drinking this morning?

    I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt, since you can get sober rather than continuing to pretend not to be anti-semitic.

    Darleen (03346c)

  20. anti-semitism and anti-zionism aren’t the same thing

    Coming from the same crowd of people who accuse those who want to say end affirmative action, or some welfare programs of being racists.

    Honestly, why do you people bother?

    You are not coherent, nor are you capable of being coherent.

    You hate America
    You hate America supporting Israel.

    We get it.
    Trust me, we do.

    The Ace (8154cd)

  21. if italy attacked switzerland and engaged in the same kind of disproportionate killing we’re seeing in israel v. lebanon, i would condemn it with equal harshness


    “Disproportionate” and you define this how?

    Where exactly are you getting your casualty figures?

    Further, how do they compare with the deliberate targeting of civilians by Hezbollah?

    How many rockets have been fired into Israel again?

    Please tell us which military branch you served in or the war college attended.
    I’m assuming one or both since you’re so breezily talking military strategy here.

    The Ace (8154cd)

  22. What symbols are we allowed to use? Any special words? What should we avoid?

    Coming from the “hate speech” “speech codes” crowd no less.

    Again, parodying these idiots is no longer possible.

    At all.

    The Ace (8154cd)

  23. First cartoon showing hte US locked up by the Star looked accurate to me. The US neo-con dog IS wagged by the Israeli tail.


    Oh, nevermind.

    You obviously don’t think that way. It’s all emotion with you ignorants.

    The Ace (8154cd)

  24. Darleen,

    Hey, have a little pity for your northern brethren whom you just swept on the diamond. (#2 bro lives in OC, works in LA, but roots for No Cal teams)

    aunursa (1b5bad)

  25. The fact is, Israel is the only nation on earth to have its identity, sovereignty, and existence questioned—the only one.

    Nobody ever questions the identity, sovereignty, or existence of Pakistan, Belgium, Costa Rica, Croatia, or Australia.

    Pakistan was directly carved out of India in 1948—the very same year as the modern state of Israel was born—and the formation of Pakistan displaced MILLIONS of non-Muslim Indians.
    Bangladesh was also carved out of India at the same time, though it did not become “Bangladesh” until 1971.

    Does anybody ever whine and moan about Indian refugees from 1948 ?

    Or how about the way Yugoslavia was carved up ?
    Bosnia, anyone ?
    How bout Croatia ?

    How about the way Russia, Austria, & Prussia annexed parts of Poland in the late 18th century ?
    Anyone ?

    Who was responsible for pushing Czechoslovakia to forfeit its borders to Hitler ?
    The Jews ?
    The Americans ?
    No, actually it was the Europeans—who, when faced with a homocidal threat, always are first to throw a Czechoslovakia, an Israel, etc. overboard in order to appease the big, bad bully.

    There were approximately 20 million refugees worldwide as a result of WW2, but those people got on with their lives—all except for the people who claimed to be ‘Palestinians.’

    In truth, all the Arab countries either murdered or kicked out their Jewish citizens at the time of the modern state of Israel’s birth.
    The ones who were kicked out, were literally about equal to the number of Arab Muslims who were asked to move (or fled when the 5 Arab nations simultaneously attacked Israel in ’48).
    Therefore, there was a essentially an equal number of persons on both sides which, for lack of better word, were swapped.

    The great post-modern irony is that Israel stands for all the ‘progressive’ principles which “assistant devil’s advocate” lathers himself about in American domestic politics.

    Israel is a pluarlistic society regarding religion & politics, it has an outstanding record of treating women, its judiciary is famous for its blind justice, they have a lot of taxpayer funded government services, Israel is also at the cutting edge of technology, science, and medicine, and Israel has the highest per capita rate of publishing new books.
    And Israel is very progressive in its treatment of homosexuals.

    But it’s often difficult to teach an angry, aging old dog like “assistant devil’s advocate” some new tricks.

    Oh, yes, he’ll claim Israel has a right to “self-defense”—but, you know, just as long as Israel isn’t “too successful” at it, and it’s not accomplished using soldiers, tanks, the Israeli Air Force, or guns.

    Desert Rat (d8da01)

  26. The nazis were liberals remember?

    krazy kagu (1b5cd8)

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