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Allah on the Terror Plot

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When stories are breaking fast, the guy you want to go to is Allah. I learned that during Rathergate. He takes a huge mass of information and brings together the important stuff in readable chunks, with links and smart commentary. The guy is absolutely indispensable, and it’s days like this that demonstrate why.

Here is his latest on the terror plot.

UPDATE: Here is even more.

UPDATE x2: The names of three of the ringleaders: Rashid Rauf, Mohammed al-Ghandra, and Ahmed al Khan. (And here I figured it would be Joe, Bob, and Ted.) They are all of Pakistani descent. There are five still at large.

UPDATE x3: Good thing the New York Times didn’t find out about the plot before the arrests were made. They might have called the terrorists for their comments.

UPDATE x4: More names:

Umir Hussain, 24, London E14

Muhammed Usman Saddique, 24, London E17

Waheed Zaman, 22, London E17

Assan Abdullah Khan, 22, London E17

Waseem Kayani, 28, High Wycombe

Waheed Arafat Khan, 24, London E17

Cossor Ali, 24, London E17

Tayib Rauf, 21, Birmingham

Ibrahim Savant, 26, London E17

Osman Adam Khatib, 20, London E17

Shamin Mohammed Uddin, 36, Stoke Newington

Amin Asmin Tariq, 23, London E17

Shazad Khuram Ali, 27, High Wycombe

Tanvir Hussain, 24, London E10

Umar Islam, 28, (born Brian Young) High Wycombe

Assad Sarwar, 25, High Wycombe

Abdullah Ali, 26, London E17

Abdul Muneem Patel, 17, London E5

Nabeel Hussain, 21, Waltham Forest

(Via Allah.)

3 Responses to “Allah on the Terror Plot”

  1. “Sources say that investigators are still trying to determine what connection, if any, there is between the three suspects. You know, some sort of common thread, something which might, you know, link them all together somehow.”

    Steve (8db3ee)

  2. Liquids!

    Svenn Sveenwald (ab39fa)

  3. […] The terror posts below (see here and here) have been updated numerous times. Here’s one point I don’t want you to miss — the names of some of the terror plot suspects: Umir Hussain, 24, London E14 […]

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