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A Gentle Reminder That There Are People Out There Who Want to Kill Us All

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The BBC reports:

A plot to blow up planes in flight from the UK to the US and commit “mass murder on an unimaginable scale” has been disrupted, Scotland Yard has said.

It is thought the plan was to detonate explosive devices smuggled in hand luggage on to as many as 10 aircraft.

Reading between the lines, it sounds like the plot involved Pakistanis, possibly backed by Al Qaeda. According to this story, they were to bring “liquid explosives” which “could have been mixed during the flight into a lethal concoction.” The plot was close to fruition.

But, you know, nothing to see here. This whole war on terror thing is a phony construct made up by Bush.

Via Allah, who (as always) has much more.

UPDATE: To clarify, the suspects are British-born but may be of Pakistani descent.

8 Responses to “A Gentle Reminder That There Are People Out There Who Want to Kill Us All”

  1. This is a major failure of Al Qaeda’s counterintelligence service, The New York Times, to warn the terrorists of the police investigation.

    nk (f58916)

  2. Reading between the lines, it sounds like the plot involved Pakistanis, possibly backed by Al Qaeda.

    How long did it take before the first official or journalist declared that this isn’t necessarily a reflection on the entire unassimilated Pakistani Mulsim community in London and we should not necessarily assume that British-style multiculturalism is anything but a roaring success?

    JVW (dfaab1)

  3. jvm,

    what bugs me the most about those PC disclaimers about how the culture is moderate is that it is hopelessly banal. Of course most of them, at the very least, are not actively terroristic. It’s just so stupid. We can condemn islamism as hopelessly evil without having to say that we aren’t talking about non crazies!

    It’s not like an average American Protestant is offended when someone comdemns the odd abortion bombing as the result of extreme christian hatred. They aren’t related! The normal Christian has no reason to apologize of be excused/forgiven for something he had nothing to do with!

    As an Iranian, as a man for whom most of his family is Muslim, I get really irritated when people try to show their PC bonafides by explaining that fucking nutjob terrorists don’t reflect poorly on me just because I’m middle eastern. Fuck them for even thinking it need be said!

    Anyone marching with a hezbollah sign needs to be on a battlefield so the can be shot dead, but the ones that aren’t needn’t apoligize for it.

    I don’t know that this is a very well understood perspective.

    Sugarhonkey (7efe9c)

  4. Patterico, Patterico, Patterico. Will you never learn. Obviously this WAS a staged action by the Bush/Blair administration to distract attention from Israeli war crimes against the civilian peace loving population of Lebanon. In fact, the Mossad probably set up the whole thing.

    Or was it to distract from Ned Lamont’s victory?
    Or the war in Iraq?
    the economy?

    Even so, I’m sure it’s our fault for something.

    This should be read as obvious sarcasm, but I’ll bet all of the above appear on some left-leaning blogs before lunch time Pacific time.

    ThreeSheets (178dc9)

  5. They’re already at DailyKos, ThreeSheets. And it’s not even brunch time.

    nk (d7a872)

  6. War on Terror…

    Mentre i mainstream media giocano a fare i pagliacci nel circo di Hezbollah, i terroristi provano (ma non riescono) a colpire il cuore dell’Occidente….

    The Right Nation (59ce3a)

  7. “Massive,” Intercontinental Jihad Plot Foiled In UK…

    Earlier today, British authorities thwarted a homegrown Jihadist plot of global proportions, demonstrating yet again that a terrorist’s mind is his own worst enemy. The Facts The foiled operation, which officials have described as suggestive of an Al … (72c8fd)

  8. If you’ve ever read Peter Lance’s book “1000 Years for Revenge” you already knew that this plot had been tried before – by none other than Ramsi Yousef – the 1993 World Trade Center bomber (the one with the van exploding in the parking lot).

    He designed a plan to simultaneously bring down 11 airliners flying from the Phillipines to the US using a liquid explosive (nitroglycerine with a gun cotton igniter and a casio watch as a timer). Yousef actually arranged for a test run in which a bomb was detonated on one aircraft. It missed, by a small margin, blowing up the aircraft’s center fuel tank and instead only blew a hole in the side of the fuselage killing one passenger.

    Yousef’s backer in this plot? Khalid Shaikh Mohammed – the mastermind of the 9/11 plot.

    This whole British operation sounds like it was taken right from Yousef’s and Mohammed’s playbook. Both of whom are currently in US custody.

    Funny how US and British authorities never took steps to ban liquids on carry-on luggage before today – knowing that this had already been tried once before. At some point “convenience” has to give way to security.

    On the other hand – thank god the authorities got wind of this and stopped it before it came to pass. And frankly, I don’t care whose telephone calls and / or e-mail they wiretapped to figure it out . . as long as they did.

    C Student (59bfb8)

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