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More Misleading Photo Captions

Filed under: Media Bias,War — Patterico @ 9:32 pm

Misleading pictures and photo captions just keep coming. Here is a set of buildings that was implicitly described as having just been destroyed . . . on three separate dates over the course of two and a half weeks.

2 Responses to “More Misleading Photo Captions”

  1. After seeing the two shots dated the July 24th and Aug.5th on Powerline, I searched and found another photo by Hajj of the same building. It’s different than the one on LGF but is also dated the 18th. I made a screenshot of the pic before they were pulled so you can see it on this post.

    John (3e13e7)

  2. You know what this also proves? That the Hezbos aren’t interested in cleaning up thier own neighborhoods. They stage photo ops for at least three weeks and the street still isn’t cleared. So much for Hesbos’ amazing infrastructure support the MSM keeps trumeting…

    jeff in nc (93fd99)

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