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Hopefully Final Word on the TBogg Deal

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[UPDATE: Here’s the short summary if you don’t want to make your way through the whole post. In a comment thread to a nasty post of his about Malkin, I did something I shouldn’t have done. I let TBogg know that I know his name, by making allusions (that nobody but him understood) as to how one could find this publicly available information — information that HE HIMSELF HAD CHOSEN TO PUT ON THE INTERNET. It was wrong of me to do, but it wasn’t an outing. He dared me to go ahead and out him, and I then said repeatedly that I wasn’t going to. He then falsely claimed I already had, and played the martyr, revealing his own name and pretending I had — all to make me look bad. To teach me a lesson, he let one of his commenters post what he thought was my HOME ADDRESS and HOME PHONE NUMBER — which he left up all day, and took down only when I told him it wasn’t really mine. That’ll learn me!

Stephen at Politburo Diktat nails it. — Patterico]

Well. I have quite a few folks upset at me for supposedly “outing” TBogg. The false implication that I outed him was enough for lefty unhinged blogger Atrios to dub me the “wanker of the day.” Which, coming from him, I wear as a badge of honor.

I’m sorry you folks had to endure a day’s worth of comments from his horde.

And then there are other fans of his who hate me and think I’m stupid, but nevertheless say: “Of course you didn’t really out TBogg.”

And of course I didn’t.

As is proved by these comments from TBogg’s site today:

“I saw your real name on the website a couple of years ago when I tried out a phone with web access.”

“Damn, Tom, and here I thought I was one of the special people knowing your real identity. Bummer.”

“Gee, I’ve known your identity since you posted as TBogg on Salon’s Table Talk back before you started this blog. ”

“I was just going to say that, kd, but you beat me to it.”

“I really like the way you tried to hide your identity by choosing your first initial and the first four letters of your last name as your alias.”

“It was certainly a cunning nom de guerre. Your neighbours must be astonished.”

“Your name rang a bell with me so I googled it and, of course, you were behind the ‘stop them before they film again’ petition to stop the Affleck/Lopez remake of Casablanca.”

“Wow…they mystery revealed…not.”

“Count me among those who knew your name beforehand.”

“Haha then TBogg barely qualifies as a pseudonym. Too funny! Keep on rockin TBogg!”

“I’ve been following you since you posted in Salon Table Talk under your real name.”

“Uh . . . your name was supposed to be a secret?”

No, I don’t think it was. As the man said himself: “It’s not exactly a state secret.”

He himself selected a pseudonym that was a combination of his first initial and first few letters of his last name. He himself participated in an online petition using his real name and the same e-mail address contained on his site.

As his own commenters note, I was hardly the first person to notice this. A simple Google search for his e-mail address from his site reveals it.

But I admit that I tried to antagonize him, because I was angry at him for his disgusting post mocking Michelle Malkin and her appearance. So I dropped a hint — one which I figured would mean something to him, but not to anyone else:

Stop them before they mock people with real names again!

Someone should sign a petition.
Patterico | Homepage | 08.03.06 – 2:26 am | #

And they should include their e-mail address.

In the petition.

Searchable, as e-mail addresses often are, by Google.

None of his commenters understood the hints. One said: “Cut the ‘give me your email address’ shit Patterico.” That’s what he thought: that I was demanding TBogg give me his e-mail address.

But TBogg understood, and came on mocking me. We went back and forth. Finally he explained to everyone that I had figured out his name and was deciding whether to tell everyone. I told him in no uncertain terms, many times, that I was not doing so.

I never had any intent of doing so. And I didn’t do so. And I told him this several times.

For example, TBogg said: “You’re really finding it hard to take that big step aren’t you?”

To which I replied, within the minute: “I’m not outing you, tbogg.”

Translation: “Are you going to out me, Patterico?” Answer: “No, I’m not.” And I repeated that several times.

I do think I behaved badly, out of anger resulting from his disgusting attack on Michelle Malkin’s appearance and character. I tried to rattle his cage — to make him nervous. It wasn’t cool. His post about Malkin was despicable, as is his whole site. He claims that John Roberts adopted his children as “accessories.” I quoted his rant about Malkin this morning. It was indefensible. He mocks people’s appearance all the time.

He’s scum.

But that wasn’t a good reason for me to rattle his cage.

That’s all I did: rattle his cage. But it wasn’t cool. I wish I hadn’t done it.

Naturally, someone on his site dug up what he believes is my home address, and posted that, along with a phone number. And people on other sites are threatening to call my work and try to have me fired. And a guy who stalks me from Internet site to Internet site — and who has been to prison — made his usual predictable appearance.

But all that’s good fun, and appropriate, because I made an extremely veiled allusion to how someone could find his true name, out there in public on the Internet where he chose to place it. An allusion that only he understood at the time.

Anyway. A commenter says:

I guess I’m pretty stupid, but I confess to not understanding the significance of, and to not being able to force myself to care about, Patterico’s feuds with TBogg and Greenwald.

I think the commenter’s right. It’s time to get back to the bread and butter of the site. I’ll be doing that in my very next post.

UPDATE: There was a TBogg supporter and commenter who said this morning:

Wow, how desperate do you have to be to tell a lie in the very first sentence of your post?

Go back and find the part where TBogg is “claiming you outed him.” Go on. I want you to find the exact quote where TBogg accuses you of having done this.

The commenter says this because it’s obvious I didn’t out TBogg. And the commenter likes TBogg, so he can’t process the idea that TBogg is claiming I “outed” him.

Yet it’s all TBogg can say nowadays. He loves playing the martyr, as I predicted he would. So he’s going around pretending I outed him, when it’s a damn lie.

Oh well. The facts are out there if anyone actually cares about those.

UPDATE x2: So, in addition to the ex-con stalking me, we now have a guy threatening to post my home address. Even though I said it was wrong to tease TBogg, it’s still nuclear retaliation time. Threaten to go after my job. Threaten to post where my family lives. Where my kids live.

I think the only way to keep my anger in check and my blood pressure down is to put a few more sites on the “ignore” list. Dafydd ab Hugh recommended this to me a few months ago with respect to a certain local site that I got in a lot of fights with. As my profile rises (and I become “wanker of the day!”) there are more and more sites I need to stick on the “ignore utterly” list.

If someone wants to track down my home address and post it, I can’t really control that. But I can stop feeding the trolls by ignoring them entirely.

It should mean a return to more interesting posting for you readers anyway. Win-win.

52 Responses to “Hopefully Final Word on the TBogg Deal”

  1. Careful Patterico, or you’re going to take over Goldstein’s mantle as the most hated blogger by leftists. We see what that got him.

    I hope you keep your analysis and criticisms focused on the media, taking it to the left side of the blogosphere seems to be very bad news these days. It’s just not worth it.

    thelinyguy (e32b76)

  2. Yeah, Patterico–consider yourself warned:

    As to TBogg, I, like nearly every one of his regular readers, know his name. Part of the amusing aspect of the whole nice blog you have here tone of Six Fingers Patterico is that he knows so little about Tbogg and his blog that he thinks this is a site run under an alias.

    THATs ever sadder than Pattericos pathetic bravado.

    Note to Patterico: attempt to use my IP for anything that ever impacts my daily life and Ill be speaking to the DAs office and the CA state bar.

    Max Renn | 08.03.06 – 5:15 pm | #

    Comment by Max Renn 8/3/2006 @ 2:12 pm

    Unless “Max Renn” is GiGi’s latest sock puppet, why on earth would you pay him the slightest attention?

    If the commentary in the earlier thread is a good indicator of TBogg’s readership (but not without moving their lips), then you did just fine in poking that putrid hornet’s nest. If someone wants to be a Big Talking blogger, he or she should put a real name to the talk. Otherwise, it’s just another Karl Rove plot.


    [It never even occurred to me to look at Max Renn’s IP until he issued a ludicrous threat. Then I looked and I understand why he’s nervous. — P]

    Rick (1536e4)

  3. TBogg should also delete the references to my alleged home address. Lest some lefty go firebomb the home of the guy who bought my condo.

    Patterico (50c3cd)

  4. What were you expected? More to the point, what was your point? What intelligent reason could you have for starting a blogwar on a post that had absolutely nothing to do with you?

    FakeName (fdc579)

  5. I second the comment on a putrid hornets’ nest although I would prefer cockroach nest. They didn’t sting; just ran around and stimulated disgust. What a crowd !

    Mike K (416363)

  6. Really, I think at heart you might be a decent guy. Think about it. An apology is in order. This country is not that divided. Stop fostering hate.

    idiot (0d96f6)

  7. Tell you what. Let TBogg apologize to Malkin for mocking her appearance, and I will happily apologize to him.

    Patterico (50c3cd)

  8. Wanker of the day? Good for you. You’ve been selected by the moron of the month, but then Atrios holds that slot in perpetuity.

    Mike Myers (82d6e8)

  9. Tell you what. Let TBogg apologize to Malkin for mocking her appearance, and I will happily apologize to him.

    When you apologize for all of your actions towards others, then you can expect an apology. She’s not your wife or kin, though she may be your friend in a manner of speaking. Nevertheless, if you did something that you know you should apologize for, then you should. Perhaps you just got a bit angry and carried away.

    fivor (220f6f)

  10. I think you have the order wrong.

    First, he insulted her appearance.

    Repeatedly, actually.

    Then, I needled him inappropriately about his name.

    Let him apologize. He never will.

    But if he apologizes to her, I’ll apologize to him.

    Patterico (50c3cd)

  11. ok ok ok…

    Let’s get all apoligies done with in reverse order of most recent offendedness. We’ll likely have to go back a while, but I’m betting we can start with the Jooos.

    Where’s Goldstein?

    Some Guy in Chicago (ea9a55)

  12. I question many of your actions, but you do not deserve to be hassled in your private or professional life.

    I condemn anyone who would say or do otherwise.

    Thers (e1aee1)

  13. Funny, no admission of guilt about threatening TBogg…

    Why is that?

    I have seen it elsewhere.

    Mark (3f76bc)

  14. You know what, P? I don’t hate you, and I don’t think you’re stupid. I said what I meant, and I meant what I said – nothing more, nothing less.


    Ken Verybigliar (375975)

  15. […] Yeah. Meet Tom Boggioni, … abused victim of the “junior high school” wingnuts, who can’t resist falsely accusing Patterico of outing him. […]

    Tom Boggioni - Victim at politburo diktat 2.0 (4aa448)

  16. Jealous much? Tom Boggioni has had his statements read on the floor of the Senate, has a law degree, and is author of the New York Times Best Selling Book “How Would An Online Stalker Act?” His blog posts often become major news stories. And he has one of the most-read blogs on the Interent, after 9 months of blogging. I love how all you bloggers attack me, I mean him, just to get traffic.

    I bid you GOOD DAY, sir.

    Ellers Ellison "Ellsberg" McWilson (32b0b4)

  17. Y’know what’s great about not being a good liberal? No cognitive dissonance when I point out what a fucking girl you are.

    Seriously, dude, you ripped up and ate the victim card, don’t try to play it now.

    Clarke (3b7930)

  18. Well, I’m flattered that you quoted me above — hi, it’s me, Doug, the “how desperate do you have to be” guy — but I’m upset that you didn’t give it proper attribution. If people don’t know my name, they might think I was, you know, some anonymous pussy or something, and obviously we can’t have that.

    But my real point is that you apparently still don’t get why you’ve been taking so much flak the past couple days (from both liberals and conservatives, it would seem). Great, you found a bunch of quotes from TBogg fans saying that you didn’t out him. Congratulations. But if you go back and read that comments thread, you’ll find most of those folks weren’t dogging you for outing him, they (myself included) were dogging you for trying to engage in petty, stupid, meaningless gotcha games that would be embarrassing coming from a 7th-grader, much less an assistant DA who claims to be an adult.

    Try as I might, I can’t find anyplace where TBogg is “playing the martyr.” All it looks to me like he’s doing is having some fun at your expense, which I hope you realize you’ve richly earned. So you “jerked his chain” — was it worth looking this stupid?

    On a separate note, I’m sorry that some random buffoons are threatening to post your personal information, which is a completely uncalled-for step in any case. Nevertheless, I’d encourage you to think about that the next time you think it would be a good idea to start another one of your anti-Internet-anonymity crusades.

    Doug (6aa580)

  19. Doug, how about you calling Patterico a liar? A desperate liar, that is.

    Do you like being that dishonest? Are you happy with the way you acquitted yourself here? Do you think you have some sort of moral authority?

    Pablo (efa871)

  20. No cognitive dissonance when I point out what a fucking girl you are.

    I take that to mean that you, too, may be “a fucking girl.” You not being suject to dissonance and all.


    Rick (048868)

  21. Patterico: you already admitted to an anti blogger error against Boggioni. Brace yourself and live out a Perry Mason moment. Say to him you were wrong, that you regret your behavior, and that you won’t do it again. Sure, it’s tough putting yourself in a false position with someone you dislike, someone who is unjust to another you respect, but clean up your mess, and move on, speaking out for the things you believe. That’s the right course.

    [I’ve already said all that, except saying I won’t do it again, which I hereby say now, and which should have been obvious from what I already said. But I’m not apologizing to him, largely because he’s mischaracterizing and overstating what I did — and he left what he thought was my home address on his site until I said it wasn’t mine. — P]

    Taylor of Mayberry (eac4f8)

  22. TBogg is a sniveling mean-spirited little twit who, not surprisingly, thinks the country would be better off if it were run by sniveling mean-spirited little twits just like him. I’ve visited his site a time or two, and Patterico’s absolutely right: the guy’s nothing but a frothy nutbucket, with a taste for byzantine conspiracy theories. If Patterico didn’t out him, and even assured this rodent that he wasn’t going to, then the guy’s either paranoid or a liar or both.

    DWC (739771)

  23. Hey, Rick? I’m all for snotty retorts based on the misuse of terminology, but it only works when the target actually misused the terminology in question.

    Here, let’s try someting less advanced:

    I’m outta here–I’ve got better things to do than get into pointless fights with imbeciles.

    There. A demonstrably untrue statement. Have at it.

    Clarke (3b7930)

  24. Thanks for playing; I’m sure you’ll find lots of imbeciles elsewhere in the Bubble.


    Rick (048868)

  25. This is not my blog, I am not a major player, but pardon me while I think out loud.

    Most of us appreciate meaningful discussion, which includes differing opinions when expressed respectfully. Opinions expressed in a revolting manner invite being ignored or being responded to in a manner that doesn’t help much in the long run (“like grabbing the ear of a mad dog”).

    Given this is not public domain, I assume an editorial policy is up to the host of the blog. I would vote for “disrespect cleansing”. Language that would have invited a duel 200 years ago would be withheld. If the post has any meaningful content after that restriction, such content would be presented.

    Another possibility, of course, would be to get out the epee’s and defend one’s honor.

    I would prefer to follow the issue of truthful reporting at Qana, and let the truth be out, whatever it may be.

    MD in Philly (3d3f72)

  26. Oh, Pablo. Such melodrama. No, I don’t consider myself any sort of moral authority, but yes, I’m quite happy with “the way I acquitted myself here.” Any other silly questions, or are you done sniveling for the time being?

    Doug (6aa580)

  27. Geez, I wish Patterico HAD outted the guy. He sounds like a complete asshole and, based on the lack of intelligence from the trolls who got pissed off about this non-issue, I’d say we’re not missing anything by them going back to his *snicker* site.

    [He’s everything Stephen at Politburo Diktat says, and then some. What’s more, he doesn’t understand the meaning of the word “leave.” — P]

    sharon (63d8f8)

  28. I didn’t get around to reading my comments until in the evening (after work) at which point both my wife and Patterico pointed out that someone had posted his old phone number and address, which I promptly deleted it (after having to learn how to do so in haloscan), so I think that means that one of your martyr nails just fell out leaving you flopping on the cross.

    And, really, Patterico…Stephen at Politburo Diktat?

    Was it his turn for a pity link?

    [What part of “go away and don’t come back” don’t you understand? You deleted the info only after I told you it wasn’t mine. Leave. You are not welcome here. — Patterico]

    [Another interesting point, from a TBogg commenter:

    But he didn’t even come out and say it. He alluded to the fact that TBoggs ‘real name’ is not hard to figure out. But what’s silly is that Patterico was acting like he had some big bad secret when *lots* of people have already known TBoggs real name because, well, TBogg has put out lots of information to make it easy to discover.

    And then of course TBogg falls all over himself acting like a martyr that ONE ADDITONAL PERSON indicated he KNEW TBOGGS name but didn’t post it. Oh the horror!~ Seriously, you’re just giving patterico what he wants: he wanted to antagonize you and rattle your chain, and you fell right into it, ludicrously over-reacting about…nothing. Oh no Tbogg might be a pseudonym that can be cracked via internet research! ESpecially since it’s a damn obvious pseudonym. It’s not like he posted your personal address or something.

    The correct response would have been something like this.

    Patterico: “I know a secret about you and I’m not teeelllling!”
    TBogg: “It’s not big secret, dumbass.”

    This is an exceedingly childish display of pre-teen drama and angst all round. Is this what the blogosphere is for?
    K Richards | 08.04.06 – 10:33 am | #

    That’s a much more accurate description of what happened than the martyr lies told by TBogg. I outed no-one. — P]

    tbogg (3ec8e6)

  29. Wow.

    You’re really embarassed, aren’t you?

    You spend a couple of days stalking around in my comments and when I pop over here to defend myself from a bullshit accusation, you get the vapors.

    I’ll let you go back to licking your wounds now…

    [Leave. Leave now. Defend yourself on your own blog — the one you use to make *actual* bullshit accusations about me — and to mock an Asian pundit’s appearance based on unflattering stills. All while your commenters make racist comments about her, lie about me, and post what they think is my home address — all with your blessing. Leave. Don’t come back. — P]

    tbogg (3ec8e6)

  30. UPDATE x2: So, in addition to the ex-con stalking me, we now have a guy threatening to post my home address. Even though I said it was wrong to tease TBogg, it’s still nuclear retaliation time. Threaten to go after my job. Threaten to post where my family lives. Where my kids live.

    Can you put that to some violins?

    Just who is the playing the martyr card?


    NotAlex\'sSockpuppet (88b98f)

  31. Man, I used to love coming here for the LA Times stuff. Now I think I’d be embarrassed to send a Patterico link to a friend I was trying to wean off that biased paper. Guess I’ll come back if Patterico gets back to what he does best and stops playing childish games. And, yes, Barry is a pseudonym.

    Barry (b59685)

  32. I don’t recognize you as a regular reader, but yes, I am doing my best to ignore the slew of lies coming in from the left and get back to doing what I do on this site. There’s one guy who can’t seem to take a hint (“hint” being defined as repeated statements like “Leave” and “Leave now” and “Don’t come back.”) who makes it difficult. But I’m not commenting on lefty sites, even if they lie about me — and boy, are they ever doing that.

    I have a pretty good post about Murtha and the LAT coming today (Saturday).

    Patterico (50c3cd)

  33. With all the threats that are flying around the leftist blogs I hope you are using some common sense when it comes to when and from where you are working on your blog.

    culver city (4edfb4)

  34. Yup. I am. Don’t worry.

    Patterico (50c3cd)

  35. Leave. Leave now. Defend yourself on your own blog . . .

    But wait, on Sadly, No! the other day, you were taunting people for relaxing in the safety of friendly blogs’ commenting sections and having the “balls” to debate here on your site. Now you’re telling them to go away?

    Well, I guess when you consider this all came out of an anti-pseudonym crusade started by a guy who goes by “Patterico,” it starts to make a little more sense, in an up-is-down, left-is-right, freedom-is-slavery kind of way.

    Doug (6aa580)

  36. feh.

    I use a pseudonym, but I’m not terribly worried about being (melodamatic music) found out.

    I’ve been amazed and dismayed at the double standard you hold yourself to. Intellectual dishonesty filtered through semantic drivel.

    You will be mocked mercilessly, and you deserve the mockery. Scorn, etc? You don’t seem worth it.

    Seriously man. Less coffee.

    mdhatter (5cf9b9)

  37. And they should include their e-mail address.

    In the petition.

    Searchable, as e-mail addresses often are, by Google.

    Yeah, that veiled threat flew RIGHT over our heads.

    TBogg Fan (4a51ac)

  38. I am doing my best to ignore the slew of lies

    \”Slew of lies\” in this case being equivalent to anything that you can\’t refute with some warped little shysterish quibble.

    Crying \”liar\” in your case is the last resort of a sad, dishonest little man.

    Notasockpuppetnope (88b98f)

  39. In Praise of the First and Second Amendments
    From the desk of Fjordman, 2006-07-20


    The less control the authorities have with Muslims, the more control they want to exercise over non-Muslims. As problems in Europe get worse, which they will, the EU will move in an increasingly repressive direction until it either becomes a true, totalitarian entity or falls apart. This strange mix of powerful censorship of public debate, yet little control over public law and order, has by some been labelled anarcho-tyranny.


    It is said that free societies are stronger than oppressive societies. This is probably true. However, in the West at the beginning of the 21st century, formal and informal censorship of important issues has become rampant. Without freedom of speech, democracy cannot function. The West is weak because it is no longer free.

    George Orwell said: “If freedom of speech means anything at all, it is the freedom to say things that people do not want to hear.” and he was right. Multiculturalists who claim that freedom of speech does not include the freedom to offend others are wrong. In the doctrine of John Stuart Mill’s On Liberty, published in 1859, the right to freedom of expression and its conditions are stated clearly. The most fundamental principle of a freely operating liberal society is the right to the “freedom of opinion.” The only exception in which Mill conceived such freedom to be limited was if it were to impose severe harm onto others – and he declared this to be a rare thing.

    Gerard Alexander warns against what he calls “illiberal Europe,” by which he means the dramatic expansion of laws to sanction speech that “incites hatred” against groups based on their religion, race or ethnicity. Such laws have been passed in Western European nations since the 1970s. “The real danger posed by Europe’s speech laws is not so much guilty verdicts as an insidious chilling of political debate, as people censor themselves in order to avoid legal charges and the stigma and expense they bring.”

    This “swirl of speech-law charges, lawsuits, and investigations” is now sustained by an “antiracism” industry. “Europe’s speech laws are written and applied in ways that leave activists on the political left free to whitewash crimes of leftist regimes, incite hatred against their domestic bogeymen of the well-to-do, and luridly stereotype their international bogeymen, often with history-distorting falsehoods such as fictitious claims of genocide said to be committed by the United States and Israel. It may be no coincidence that Socialist and extreme-left parties have played central roles in the design of speech laws.”

    According to Alexander, this trend represents “the greatest erosion of democratic practice in the world’s advanced democracies” since WW2. He recommends that reform-minded Europeans should use “the example of U.S. practice, which tolerates even loathsome speech.” I agree with him. It is time Europeans put aside some of our prejudice against the USA and adopt something similar to the First Amendment in the American Constitution, securing the right to free speech.

    However, although this would indeed represent a great step forward, we should not be so naïve as to believe that this will remove all problems. The United States is a nation of laws, but also a nation of lawyers and lawsuits.


    “When a pacifist stands up to the Red Army, you know they’re committed to pacifism. When a pacifist stands up to the American army, you’ve got a pretty good indication they’re a wanker.” – Merovign

    first the EU came for Father Samuels.. (75fd28)

  40. Père Samuels

    first the EU came for Father Samuel (75fd28)

  41. some warped little shysterish quibble.


    because of the HYPOCRISY… or patriarchy or something.

    Darleen (03346c)

  42. You’re busted!

    David Ehrenstein (773e48)

  43. Yeah, that veiled threat flew RIGHT over our heads.

    Would you mind unpacking that threat? What, exactly, was threatened, and how so?

    Are you saying that Patterico threatened to Google poor Tbagg? In writing?


    Pablo (08e1e8)

  44. No, he’s suggesting that by spelling out how anyone could find out TBogg’s name, he was effectively outing him. Which arguably would have been true, but for the fact that TBogg was never “in” to begin with. If he had intended to be anonymous, dontcha think he might have picked a pseudonym that was a bit further removed from his real name?

    Xrlq (74550b)

  45. Not to mention his name AND picture were already posted at a lefty site.

    Someone (1600b6)

  46. No, he’s suggesting that by spelling out how anyone could find out TBogg’s name, he was effectively outing him.

    I believe it was more cryptic than that, as you can see if you actually read through the thread.

    I wish anyone who says I was outing him would actually read it. You can see he didn’t think I’d outed him — until I said I wasn’t going to, at which point he changed his tune and said I already had.

    I’ll say it for the 20th time: it was wrong for me to implicitly threaten him like that. But I immediately clarified that I wasn’t really going to do it, and I never had any intention of actually outing him.

    Patterico (50c3cd)

  47. to bring this full circle –

    tbogg had a Valerie-Plame level cover. Sure, lots of people knew Tom Boggioni wrote TBogg, but not the people (and spouses) Tom made fun of from his site. So, Tom’s friends and sychophants could enjoy a larf while those whom Tom smeared had no earthly idea that McCloud took up typing a blog, after getting a face peel.

    btw – the name ‘boggioni’ doesn’t appear on the blog.

    Patrick Frey, by creating an atmosphere where Tom Boggioni chose to state his surname on his blog rather than have Patrick Frey do so on his is, in essence, evil in much the same way that Karl Rove, Bob Novak, and Scooter Libby are evil.

    Which is to say, not evil at all.

    Now that we know Tom Boggioni is a late middle aged man whose wife is more successful than he (nothing wrong with that Tom, buck up), a man who can’t quite bring himself to shave that bottom lip yet is given to snark, we can give Tom’s thoughts and comments the attention they deserve.

    Which is to say, not much at all.


    preferably anonymous (002671)

  48. …Tom Boggioni is a late middle aged man whose wife is more successful than he (nothing wrong with that Tom, buck up)…

    And Michelle Malkin, of course, is vastly more so. Go figure.


    P.S. TBagg: jealous much? Good day, sir.

    Rick (1536e4)

  49. P,

    You got hot under the collar, went to that sewer of a ‘blog’ and got into a battle of wits with an unarmed man. So what?

    The Commissar nailed it – everyone knows TBogg is nothing but a hate-filled bomb thrower, but for all his vitriol he’s shown himself to be incredibly thin-skinned. Now he’s ready for his close-up. F**k him. You didn’t do anything wrong, and you sure as hell didn’t “out” him. He knows it and his own readers know it.

    Don’t sweat it.

    John from WuzzaDem (dfd3ae)

  50. Just checking out how things are going here in the fever swamps.

    Carry on.

    Lettuce (802c28)

  51. Was there a comment deleted?

    steve (b20d86)

  52. For the time being, steve, people who would like to attack me personally are going to have their comments deleted and be banned.

    Patterico (50c3cd)

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